Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Washington

We're off. This afternoon we'll drive to Tepic (1 1/2 hrs south) and stay the night. In the morning we'll leave our truck at Gena's cousin's house and we'll get on a bus for a three hour ride to Puerto Vallarta where we'll get on a plane around noon. We arrive in Seattle tomorrow night. It will be nice to see some of our friends again and look forward to spending time with the family. Rebecka and Emma cannot wait to see Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for your prayers, see you soon!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Greetings everyone!!!

April is gone and May is here and the past few days have been hot, hot, hot! May is known for it’s dry heat while as the rain comes in June it starts to get humid. By August, the ground is so saturated that it’s humidity seeps into the air—what fun!

The Lord is blessing His work here and we’re excited to be a part of it and have you as a prayer/financial partner as well…

Last month, we asked you to pray for…
* Emma Rose as she turned TWO on April 10. What a great time, she laughed and laughed at the candles when she blew them out. When she was done laughing, she all of the sudden stops, looks at the candles, and motions to mommy with both hands to come and light them again (still looking at the candles). This went on for a while and everyone enjoyed it. Here is a post on our blog with pictures: http://thesilbermans.blogspot.com/2008/04/emmas-birthday.html
* My Parents as they celebrated 40 years of marriage on April 12. Not many people these days can say their parents have been together for that long and I feel incredibly blessed to have the parents God gave me. They have been an excellent example! Thanks Mom and Dad for that special gift!
* Missionary Care Week. In mid-April we had some professional Christian Mental Therapists come down just for our staff. This is something that is happening throughout Alternative Missions. Next week it will be happening in Honduras with their staff. It was a great time of reflection and getting to know the team better and how each one of us communicates. Click here to read and be directed to more about the week: http://thesilbermans.blogspot.com/2008/04/missionary-care-team-mct.html

Thank you so much for your prayers. Other activities that happened during the month were: Pastor Goyo’s wife’s successful surgery; she had a tumor in her uterus removed and is doing very well now. We had an Evangelistic Open Air Meeting in one of the towns close by that the pastor and some others have been working in lately. It was a great time and many people responded for prayer at the end. We also got to visit our friends Roger and Hazel Reeh in Mazatlán for a few days. What a treat! It was a much needed break and I feel refreshed. Click here to see Rebecka and Emma in Mazatlán: http://thesilbermans.blogspot.com/2008/04/needed-break.html

This month, would you please pray for…
* April LIFE Night. We have invited some friends/youth groups from Sinaloa to come and join us for our next LIFE Night. (May 3)
* Trip to Washington. We’ll be returning to Washington for three weeks on May 14 for my niece’s wedding. Please pray for safe travel as we’ll be flying and a place to park our truck in Puerto Vallarta for the three weeks. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
* Trisha and Joey. For the beginning of their life together starting on May 31. I will be officiating the wedding.
* Abundant LIFE, This is the weekly youth meeting that meets on Saturday nights. (May 10, 17, 24, 31)
* Student Leadership Retreat. Once again we’ll be taking our student leaders on a retreat to orientate them on leadership, teamwork, and ministering to the youth. It should be a very fun time! Please pray for God’s hand to be upon this time. Last year’s retreat was the beginning of change in our youth group—it was really good! Also, pray for our funding of the trip; we’ll need $1,000 USDollars. (June 11-13)
* Personal Support. Please pray for our finances. Click here if the Lord moves you to give: http://thesilbermans.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-to-donate.html

Thanks again for your prayers.

Steve, Geña, Rebecka, and Emma Silberman