Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Greetings from Cofradia, Mexico! We just want to send out a quick note wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and update you on a couple of things.  We will be sending out another update after the new year to let you know of the things ahead.

We have returned to Cofradía after spending just over a month in the United States visiting family and friends.  It was great to see all of you whom we were able to visit, yet it is always a little frustrating that time doesn’t allow us to visit more of you.

Some of you may not have received an update in a while and that is due to our computer’s hard drive failing.  We were able to get it fixed and have, for the most part, updated our information.

In our last update that some of you did not receive, we asked you to pray for...

  1. Our trip to the states.  Thank you.  Our truck worked just fine after sitting for 8 months and we made it to Washington to help my parents sort through a few things after their move.  It was nice to spend time with them during Thanksgiving.  We made our way down through California to visit Geña’s family and more friends.  At the border on our way in, we learned that if Geña enters Mexico as a US citizen, our truck’s 6 month permit CAN BE RENEWED after we hand it in!  What a blessing that was to hear!  (By the way, if I did that, I would lose my Permanent Resident status).
  2. Our Anniversary and Geña’s Birthday.  We had a nice dinner together for our Anniversary.  As for the birthday, it was great to celebrate it along with a niece in California and a house-load of family!
  3. The Bible School Students have finished their final exams and it’s time for Steve to grade them all.  Every student we’ve talked to has been blessed by the classes!
  4. Music Ministry (Worship).  Everything went really smooth while we were gone and the Lord is raising up Worship Leaders within the congregation.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers over this area as we continue to grow.

Here are some links to more:

After we get more settled, we’ll send out another update about how to continue to pray for us.  In the meantime...


Thank you so much for being part of our team!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
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Alternative Missions Cofradia
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SKYPE: “srsilberman”

Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
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Monday, October 27, 2014


Greetings from Cofradia, Mexico 
We give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever! 
Just recently, the computer that I use for dial-up internet at our house was damaged from lightning and no longer turns on.  The good thing is that we had no important information on it.  The challenging thing is that the computer that we use for all of our communication, documents, and finances was somehow damaged just a couple weeks later by something totally unrelated and will not recognize the Operating System.  Through a recent backup, I have been able to retrieve most of our information, but still working on email addresses.  
For that reason, we have delayed our latest update.  I want to share really quick with you some of the things we’ve asked prayer for…
EL RETO (The Challenge).  This was our 10th year and there were 270 students from 10 different churches involved.  It was an exciting event that has evolved into a different level of purpose.  Many pastors brought their students and are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to do something similar in their town/church.  Click here to read about the event and how Victor Daniel came to know Jesus as his Savior at the Grand Finale.
The Gradillas.  We also had the privilege of having Pastor Rafael and his wife Susana here from Bellevue, Washington for a special Evangelistic outreach.  Many people made decisions to serve and accept Christ into their life.  We are excited about how God moved.  Click here to see some pictures and more about the weekend.

Will you please pray for: 
A quick trip to the United States.  We will be heading to Washington in November for a couple weeks to visit family and friends.  We’ll be there through Thanksgiving, and then we’ll make our way south through Oregon and California to visit more family, friends, and the Bible School.  We should be back in Cofradia by mid-December.
We’ll be sharing in all services at Gateway Fellowship in Poulsbo on November 16.
Anniversary.  We will be celebrating 14 years of marriage on November 18!
Please continue to lift up the students who are taking Bible classes through the Summit Bible College extension here in Nayarit.  We have five new students joining us.
Geña celebrates another year of life on December 13.
Music Ministry.  I have been working for a decade on teaching students how to play instruments and including them on the Worship team.  The past few years I have not been able to invest sufficient time to keep this going.  I see a need for someone to step up in this area to help me and the church body.  Please pray with me that God would place a fresh genuine spirit of Worship on someone to come along side and help.

Thank you for keeping our family and ministry in your prayers.  Be blessed and we hope to see you if you’re in Washington, Oregon, California, or Arizona this November/December.
To be part of our support team, click on this link to donate safely or send a check made out to Alternative Missions with a separate note indicating that your donations are for Steve Silberman to:
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The Silbermans
Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions Cofradia
Area Director

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pastor Rafael and Susana Gradilla

Once again we had the great privilege of having Pastor Rafael Gradilla from Hosanna Asamblea in Bellevue, WA to visit us in Cofradia with challenging and motiving messages.  This time it was a little different than those of the past because his wife, Susana, was able to join him for the first time.

As soon as they got off the plane in Mazatlan, we took them to Cofradia and right to a meeting for our leaders.  It was an excellent message from the example of Noah's leadership and was a great start for the weekend.  Friday night Susana sang a couple songs and Pastor Rafael spoke to the married couples.  Saturday he spoke to some of the local pastors from the area in the morning and in the evening we had a special event in the Auditorium in downtown Tuxpan with Susana signing and Rafael sharing the message.  Many pastors were present as well as many other people from those churches.  The altar was full after the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.  We had the privilege of having them both again on Sunday morning as he left us a challenge to continue to share Christ's love to others and help others find their way to Him.

We are very thankful for the Gradilla's ministry and were blessed to have them.
Preaching in the Tuxpan Auditorium

Singing at Centro Cristiano Cofradia

Thursday, October 23, 2014


What an event!  We saw 270 students this year from 10 different churches located in towns and cities around this area!

The final week is when we wrap everything up closing the raffle and exposing the hidden treasures.  This year, five hidden treasures were placed in different locations and only three were found after the students received clues in a code language (hebrew letters and order).

We started with a time of Worship in song and a message from special guest speaker, Pastor Brad Pembleton, from Texas.  Then continued with the raffle and treasures.  Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting for...

the winners of EL RETO 2014!
The "Obedient Ones to the Lord"
The team will be heading to the beach in San Blas soon to celebrate their win.  

As we continue to reach out to those who came, one of the students who is from one of the churches in another city, came to know Jesus after we were all finished and started packing up.  I called out this young man not knowing who he was to congratulate him on his good attitude and how he helped his leader during the event.  When we were all finished, he asked if he could have a picture with me.  This opened up a conversation that led to him giving his life to Jesus for the first time.  Things like this make EL RETO worth it!

Thank you for your support and prayers!  Along with other students, Victor Daniel's life was changed!

For the updates of each week, you can click on the links below:

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 5

Week #5 was our version of Amazing Race as each team had drivers take them to five different locations in five different towns.  Each team chose from certain options which town they wanted to go to next.  In each location there were activities to do and off to their next destination.

The final destination was the center of town in Cofradía for our annual "RETO AUCTION".  This is always a fun time as teams bid on certain unknown items using points they've accumulated throughout the event.  This is a dynamic that gets everyone involved!  Even the people watching are intrigued!

After the auction, we make our way to The Refuge once again for snacks and the Word.

Here is a video of week #5:

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 4

Week #4 took us to the Santa Fe soccer field to play 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 soccer with an american football!  It was definitely an exciting game that kept the students attentive as they heard their number called and headed out to the field.  Individuals from three teams faced off individuals from the other three teams.  The one who scored, received points for their team.

Each year the students put together a team project.  This year the teams performed sketches about their team name and bullying in the Plaza at Santa Fe.  The all did a great job and we had a lot of participation this year.

After all the "drama", we all headed back to The Refuge for snacks and the Word.

Here is a video of week four:

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 3

Week #3 was the journey week.  This time the students made their way around the small lake near Cofradia and participated in a number of different water activities.  Everyone got soaked and everyone had a great time!  They all walked back to the church for the "Refuge" time of worship and the Word, then voting again for yet another team to do chores.

Here's the video for the third week...
EL RETO SEMANA #3 from macx on Vimeo.

If you have access to Facebook, you can view all the photos of the Week #3 photo album here.

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 2

Week #2 has come and gone.  After taking role call and sharing some announcements, the students made their way outside the church property for the game of "Gladiators."  This is very similar to the show American Gladiators where they shoot tennis balls at people as they try to make it through an obstacle course.  We don't use tennis balls, we use water balloons and it is always a huge hit each year; this year, we changed it a little.  Instead of setting up an obstacle course at the soccer court in Arrayanes, we had them run along side the church building using the palm trees as their protection.  This game shows a picture of how we need to be careful of the hurtful words that come our way.  Many of us have experienced "bullying" at one time in our life, especially for being a Christian-that was one of the biggest struggles for me growing up in school…Public and Christian.  We have a choice.  Are we going to let those hurtful words mold us and detain the growth of our relationship with Christ?  Are we going to get offended and fight back?  Or, are we going to forgive even though we've been "hit" by a "balloon"?  I think Christ showed the ultimate example as people mocked him before they crucified him to a "short-lived" death.  He forgave them.  He was obedient to His Father.  And, He is no longer dead, but rose again on the third day.  In THAT is where our Faith as Christians gives us Hope.

The second activity was another big hit that we do each year…The Banquet!  This shows that we need to do things we won't like to in our lifetime.  We always tell the students they don't have to eat it, but they do it anyway for their team!

We finished up the day with our hang-out time in "The Refuge", worship, a message from Pastor Luis, and then the teams voted for another team to do chores.
If you have access to Facebook, you can view all the photos of the Week #2 photo album here.

Here is the video for the second week…
semana#2 from macx on Vimeo.

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 1

EL RETO / THE CHALLENGE has begun in Cofradia.  148 young people gathered together from 11 different cities and towns from throughout this part of the state.  This first week of the 6 week event focuses on forming team identities through working together in various different activities and games.  

Each team has a name chosen from a story in the Bible that has to do with Respect: The Servants of the Lord, The Obedient Servants, The Over-comers, The Humble Ones, The Indestructible Ones, and The Triumphant Ones.

This year, the students are learning to show respect to one another and themselves as we confront the issue of bullying.  Pastor Luis shared an excellent message using the acrostic "RETO".  R-Respect; E-Integrity (The spanish word was "Entereza"); T-Tolerance; O-Obedience.

In the end, many shouted out for Jesus to take hold of their lives!

Here's the video of what went on the first week...

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rebecka's Beach RETO

For the past few years, we have done mini-RETO's for our girls on their birthdays.  It is a very small version of our big event in our ministry, EL RETO.

We had a blast once again, and this time at the beach in San Blas!  It was great fun!  Here's a quick video of our time there…

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kids' Camp

Thirteen children from Cofradia went to Kids' Camp this year with a church in Tepic.  They all came back bright-eyed and excited.  Antonia Franco, the Children's Ministry Leader in Cofradia, was privileged to attend and she wrote a quick note about it…
We were so blessed to be able to attend the Kid’s Camp this year in Tepic.  It was something lovely; truthfully, I hope that with these words you will be able to feel the emotion of being there.  I would love it that you would not only understand, but even better, feel it.  Words cannot express the emotion of each child that was there, even my own emotion.  When this emotion is over you, it wakes you up.  The love, the passion, the selling out, that which God has called us to obey and continue to faithfully teach each child.  I am grateful to God and to the parents who allowed their children to attend.  I am convinced that what they were taught there will never be forgotten. 
It’s incredible to see so many children praising God.  Even the child that maybe doesn’t know God that well, but that was no impediment to praise Him, to sing to Him, to jump, to shout, it’s wonderful to see their little faces so happy as they watch and listen to a story.  At the moments of prayer, I could see children with their little eyes filled with tears; maybe because of the emotion or happiness, or maybe sadness.  Oh how God touch their little hearts!  It is something that in the future we are going to know when we see men and women of FAITH.  After your child experiences a camp like this, don’t expect great things from them, expect great things from God. 
The children went to camp where they learned and understood that with God on your side you are “Invincible” in Him.
The Children's Pastor of the church in Tepic posted this comment and video that summarizes the weekend…
This summer was incredible at "La Fuente Niños" with our camp, "Invincibles", that had more than 270 children having fun, enjoying themselves, learning to be a super Hero, jumping, praising, laughing, and worshipping God… mornings filled with fun, challenges, rallies, swimming pools and afternoons of Worship time and action packed stories!!!  we learned that God is on our side and that makes us Invincible!!!  We believe that the life of each child will never be the same y they are a generation that by the power of God, will be INVINCIBLE! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcoming the New Generation!

The Student Ministry welcomes those who are leaving elementary school and entering Jr. High to be part of the youth group each year.  Here is what the leaders had to say about this year's "Day Camp"...

This year, as in previous years, we had a welcoming event for the new generation of students in the youth group.  The "New Generation" are youth/adolescents who come to form part of the youth group once they have finished elementary school.
 The Student Leaders planned a special time so welcome them.  This year it was at a water-fall/river called "El Salto" (The Jump) near Ruiz, Nayarit about 25 miles from Cofradía.  The focus was only on them to make them feel special and accepted which is the motive of this event.  This way we try to confirm in them that they now form part of our team in the youth group.
 During this time, there are various activities like games, eating together, going places outside of Cofradía, etc.  in order to show them that they can confide in those in leadership and also feel free to open themselves up and express what they think and feel.
 The purpose of this welcoming event is so that through this, they can be impacted and feel a desire to continue to come to youth group in order to be fed by the Word of God and blessed through the fellowship of youth that surround them.  This way, they can see themselves as a youth and no longer as a child and take things seriously.
 Our expectations are that these youth will know their potential as leaders and put into practice what, by grace, they have received from God.  And that they would consider God first in all of their decisions that they make in order become a good example and successful youth.  Also, we hope that they participate in the activities each Saturday when the youth group meets so they can put into practice their abilities and for some to set aside their fears and shyness recognizing their identity as children of God.

Monday, August 18, 2014

EL RETO 2014 Invites YOU!

EL RETO 2014 is inviting you to participate!!

We want to invite you to be part of our 10th annual youth outreach called “EL RETO.”  It is the biggest event of the year in Cofradia.  We are reaching out to new students who have never been exposed to the Word of God, reaching out also to those who have yet to make a decision, and we are all learning excellent life principles through the activities and meetings.  Last year, over 180 students attended.  This year, we expect many more as more churches are showing interest in being involved.

In order to make this burden-free for the students, we need your help. This event is always very expensive for us to carry out.  We are asking for donations of any size and I have broken down the needs as follows:
$100 will help with the Team Captain Retreat – In house Leadership training and preparation.
$100 will help with the promotion material – posters and banner.
$300 will help with the Staff and Captain’s t-shirts.
$500 will help with all props and prizes – we have free food and drinks available for the students since we get out late (after 8pm).  Many come from other towns or cities (up to 1 hour away) and get home very late.  We have a Fear Factor Banquet, Auction (involving food), and outings.
$900 will help with all transportation costs – we travel from town to town, take students home, and have mid-week preparation costs.

Please consider how much you can give, it will change a student’s life!

Just recently in a house group at another town, a young lady named Claudia said she was ready to accept Jesus Christ as her savior.  Our initial contact with her was through EL RETO...FIVE YEARS AGO!  We continue to do this event, because it continues to have an impact on the students who get involved.

Send a check made out to Alternative Missions to Alternative Missions / PO Box 3107 / Ferndale, WA 98248.  On a separate note, indicate that it is for COFRADIA RETO.

Other links:
What is EL RETO?
EL RETO 2013 Report

Thank you very much in advance for being part of this ministry.  Your prayers are appreciated!

Monday, August 04, 2014

August Ministry Update

Greetings from Cofradia, Mexico! Today, the new generation of students that will join the youth group are being officially “accepted” into the youth group as they spend the day at a near-by waterfall and pool with Pastor Luis and his Student Leaders.  Our Rebecka is one of the 6 that are on that trip!

That and some other great things happened this past month and we look forward to more exciting things ahead.  God continues to move us.

We are grateful for your partnering with us to invest in the Kingdom of God together as we Raise up Leaders in Rural Mexico!

Last month, we asked you to pray for...  

  1. Cofradia Bible School Students Everyone is doing a great job!  Many are commenting on how much this has helped them in their every-day life and as they visit people.  The Biblical Counseling class is helping give initiative in problem-solving, especially relational ones.  
  2. Religious Association.  We are still working on this.  I have asked the help of a brother who lives across the street from the base and has a degree in law.  Thank you for your continued prayers.
  3. Help.  Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom and provision.
  4. Local School.  Rebecka graduated from 6th grade; see the post here.
  5. Kids’ Club with YWAM Mazatlan went excellent.  The team spent three days with the children, two days in the Cora Indian villages, an evening with the students at youth group, and accomplished a lot of community and clean-up work.  Click here to see the report and pictures.
Here are some links to more:

This month, will you please pray for...

  1. Cofradia Bible School Students the students will be finishing up their summer classes by the end of the month.
  2. Religious Association.  Continued wisdom and understanding as we fill out paperwork and make decisions on placing people in certain “positions”.  
  3. Children’s Summer Camp.  We have 13 children signed up for camp.  Pray that this will make a lasting impact in their lives (August 7 – 9).
  4. Birthday month.  Rebecka will be 12 on the 13th and Mackenzie will be 2 on the 31st.  Steve will be 42 on the 7th.
  5. EL RETO is just around the corner.  I will be sending out an email later when I have all the details for those of you who want to be involved.  We need your involvement with prayers and support.  This is a huge event we do each year (our 10th anniversary) that reaches out to students all over our region.
Thank you so much for joining us in prayer!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions Cofradia
Area Director
Cell: 011-52-1-323-116-0565
SKYPE: “srsilberman”

Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
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Another way to donate is by sending a check made out to Alternative Missions to Alternative Missions / PO Box 3107 / Ferndale, WA 98248.  On a separate note, indicate that it is for The Silbermans.

Pastors' Perspectives 14-07

Here are a couple of quick updates from the Pastors as they give thanks for all of you who pray and support them.

On behalf of them, Thank you!

Hello. I want to express my gratitude for all that has taken place here in the Cofradía ministry. I’m especially grateful for the huge blessing of finally having a Bible school extension campus available at such a low cost, but more importantly I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn so much about the history of the Christian church. That particular course has required us to investigate more deeply the Church’s roots, which has been a challenge for us all because we see how much we need to grow as students in so many areas, especially in reading, research, and grammar. So, it has not only been a study of Church history or of the Bible but rather something more profound, and the more we learn the more we surely deepen our Christian roots.

We have talked about discipling new believers.  There are some new believers participating in this opportunity of the Bible school and it has come at just the right time for them to deepen their spiritual growth and strengthen their faith.  This is in line with our desire to make Disciples of Christ as we continue to extend the Kingdom of God through the students as they are studying.  Later, when they are finished with the courses, we are sure by faith that they will continue on in the Great Commission of making Disciples of Christ.

As a whole, we see what the Church in general is continually growing through the provided resources. It is the Church that is benefitted by the establishment of this extension campus and by our being encouraged to grow.

On another note, I also want to briefly mention the Elder's Retreat that took place recently. It was called “Foundation for Elders.” We are confident that it was edifying and challenging for all, and it leaves us more aware of the responsibility we have for the health of the church with the goal of being part of its growth.

Thank you to all of you for your dedication to taking time to pray and for the resources you invest in this ministry. May God prosper you all with great spiritual blessings!

Forever grateful,
Pastor Gregorio Hernández Galván, wife Maty Espinoza González, and sons

Brothers, it is my pleasure once again to write you this letter to greet you and to wish you wellbeing.

We are well, thanks be to God.

Permit me to let you know that in the last few months—I believe since April to the present—we have been involved in a training program that for me has been a motivation to deal with myself in several areas, such as organizing my time, writing more frequently, researching, and even needing to learn to use a computer. This training comes to us online on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm and lasts three to four hours for two classes.

I believe I am enjoying it and at the same time learning new understanding I did not have before about the Christian Church and its history. But more importantly for me, this has been a great help in being able to share the Word of God with new believers in the mountains—with the Cora—where we are visiting once a week. We are also gathering there once a month to work on construction of a meeting space for our visits.

Brothers, I rejoice greatly in the name of the Lord for what He is doing in my life. I love you all and thank you for helping me to grow more and more in the Lord.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meeting Palapa in Mojocuautla

Mojocuautla is one of the Cora Indian villages that our ministry visits each Thursday to share God's love with the people and encourage them to seek Him.  This year, we built a meeting palapa for the community to use with the help of His Place Church from Washington.

Cirilo (local), Pastor Horacio, Gustavo
Each week a team from Centro Cristiano Cofradia goes up into the hills and visits people in their homes.  Once a month, they all meet together in this palapa to sing, listen to the Word of God, and hear testimonies of His love.  The locals are wanting to put a cyclone fence around it because when it rains, it turns into a messy donkey stable.  Pastor Horacio has been involved in reaching out and ministering to this village for many years.  He has been working with one of the locals (pictured above) encouraging him to take steps forward in Spiritual Leadership for the town.

Thank you for your continued prayers for this ministry and the people of Mojocuautla.

Give to the ministry here
Give to Pastor Horacio here

Blessings to all!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

YWAM Mazatlan Team in Cofradia

We had the privilege of hosting the YWAM Mazatlan "Fuego De Verano" (Summer Fire) Team last week.  They were an answer to prayer and an inspiration for many people here.

Like other teams, they did work projects in the morning and ministered in the afternoon.  Saturday, they spent some time with the youth at youth group and shared some testimonies, dramas, dances, and a Word.  At the end, many students came forward for prayer and it was evident that the Lord was touching their lives!  What a way to start the week!
Prayer with the Students
Their ministry continued into the Sunday Service as they shared more testimonies and a drama.  On Monday, they started a three-day Kid's Club (something we have been praying for a team to do for a few years now).  They were able to touch many of the children's lives as they played with them, shared with them, sang with them, and prayed with them.
Worship with the Church on Sunday
Ministering to the Children
Thursday and Friday afternoons were spent up in the Indigenous Communities of Mojocuautla and Agua Aceda where they ministered in an open air meeting for all ages.  Both afternoons closed with a time of prayer for those who came out.
Praying with the Indigenous
The work projects we had them involved in were finishing up the final pour of the Cofradia High School floor…
Working together to make cement
Pouring the floor
Cleaning the Church Property of Arrayanes in preparation for the upcoming event EL RETO that we have each year.  They did a lot of cutting brush with machetes, pruning and cutting trees, cleaning the soccer court, filling ditches, connecting water, cleaning the inside of the building, and more…
One of the jobs was to fix the roof of the Sunday School palapa
The final project was to have them redo one of the sidewalks at the base that a couple of old trees' roots ruined a while back…
Pouring a new sidewalk
In the end, we really had a great time with them and enjoyed the connection of relationships made.  What a blessing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rebecka's 6th Grade Graduation

Rebecka finished her Elementary School education this year and participated in a graduation ceremony for her and her classmates.  They always have the children from all grades do many different dances ranging in styles from modern pop to indigenous mexican culture.  Each graduating student has "god-parents" to accompany them as they receive their certificates.  After the ceremony it is tradition for the family to host a meal and invite the god-parents over.  We did it a little different since we had a couple of students to accompany.  It was a nice hot morning and a restful afternoon!

Here are the students we are god-parents to:
Steve and Geña with Dulce

Steve and Geña with Adolfo

Steve and Mily with Rebecka

Monday, June 30, 2014


Greetings from Cofradia, Mexico! We have been reminiscing of our trip last year up through California and moving north-east then west visiting friends and interesting locations and finally arriving at our last destination in Washington at my parents’ house on July 3.  It’s fun to go back and look at some of the pictures.  We will not be making any trips this summer, but look forward to the next opportunity the Lord gives us to visit friends and family.

Mt. Rushmore
Charles Ingall's homestead

We are finished with our home school classes for the year and the local school will be out in a couple of weeks.  Rebecka graduates from 6th grade at the local school and Emma will be moving into 3rd grade in September.  

Pastor Martin's drama group.
Some great things have happened this month as you will read below.  In addition to those things, we helped a local Pastor in an open-air evangelism outreach in a town called El Arrayan (not to be confused with “Los Arrayanes” near Cofradia).  We took some band members, the drama team, some intercessors, and Pastor Goyo preached.  It was a great time to meet the brothers in this town and give any encouragement we could.  They do not have a pastor nor a place to meet.  It was great to come together with another pastor and help him in his vision to reach this town.  Something we look forward to doing as a ministry for many years to come!

We are grateful for your partnering with us to invest in the Kingdom of God together as we Raise up Leaders in Rural Mexico!

Last month, we asked you to pray for  
  1. Continued healing for Mackenzie. She has improved quite a bit. Her face looks really good and shows no signs of a burn.  Her chest and stomach have some discoloration, but there are no scars!  Thank you so much for keeping Mackenzie in your prayers.  We are so grateful for the hundreds of people who have expressed their sympathy and let us know they are praying.  We have been blessed by all of you!
  2. Cofradia Bible School Students The students finished their final exams for the Spring Quarter.  It was a big challenge for all of them to write reports on the computer.  Most of them have never done that before and I was so proud of everyone for sticking to it and allowing themselves to grow.  They all did a great job!  They will be starting the Summer Quarter classes on July 1st as they finish up the final Bible Survey class and study Biblical Counseling.
  3. Religious Association.  We had an excellent meeting with the Pastor who was so graciously willing to orientate us on a process that he finished a few years ago.  It turns out that it seems to be easier, less expensive, and quicker than I had been told and thought.  We are excited about continuing to move forward with this as the Pastor has given us contact information of a believer in Mexico City who works in this area and is willing to help us.  
  4. Elder’s Retreat. We had a great time!  A highly needed retreat for us all as Pastor Goyo cemented a strong foundation in the team.  Read here for details and see pictures
  5. Help.  We were encouraged by many of you who showed your support for our situation.  Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom and provision.
  6. Local School.  I do not regret “venting” with you last month as this is an area in this town (and many small towns like it) that needs help.  Whether or not I can do something about it, I don’t know.  But, I will continue to pray for the young lives who grow up here so they can receive a good education.  
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This month, will you please pray for...

  1. Cofradia Bible School Students for continued growth in their lives as they begin the 8-week Summer Quarter on July 1.
  2. Religious Association.  Continued wisdom and understanding as we fill out paperwork and make decisions on placing people in certain “positions”.  
  3. Help.  Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom and provision.
  4. Local School.  School gets out the second week of July.  Rebecka will be graduating on July 15 from 6th grade and Emma will be moving into 3rd grade next September.
  5. Kids’ Club with a YWAM team from Mazatlan (July 20-27).  We’ll also be ministering in the close-by Indigenous Communities.
Thank you so much for joining us in prayer!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
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