Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Lesson from a Chihuahua

As Geña left the house this morning to go on her walk, our Chihuahua, “Pony,” wanted to go with her.  Without a leash, they started to walk.  Two blocks from the house some bigger dogs started to chase him.  Immediately, Pony races back to the house faster than he’s ever ran leaving a trail of dust behind as the dogs take off after him.  Geña returned to the house to find Pony frightened and scared for his life.  Grabbing the leash to venture out once more, Pony willingly let her put it on him and at once felt safely connected to his protector.  Off they went walking together back into the dangerously scary world where the enemy awaited to attack.  When they came closer to the threat of trouble, Pony looks up at Geña with humble eyes that would say, “Help me.”  She reaches down to cradle her hand under his belly and gently picks him up and carries him through his fear.
What a picture of how being connected to our Protector creates a sense of security and faith that He will carry us through our fear!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cobblestone Street for Church

The neighbor in front of the church has contracted some men to lay cobblestone on the streets surrounding his house.  The men are getting ready to set the rocks on the street that passes the front of the church soon.  That means that we need to come up with $1,200 dollars to pay our half.  We have been taking up special offerings in the church for a month, but we are a long ways away from our goal.  Will you help us with a generous donation?

Click here to safely give an online tax-deductible donation.  Designate the donation to the ministry location "Cofradía" and make a special note for "Church Street."

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry!

Blessings to all!
Grading the street in preparation.

Neighbor's house with his front street finished.  Our church is on the street to the right.

Almost ready with the loads of rock waiting.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Greetings, from Cofradía, Mexico!  The weather has been getting a lot warmer lately; that’s usually what May brings.  Things are going well and there continues to be lots of activities.  Please keep us in your prayers as we serve the Lord here in Mexico.  We pray for you often.

Last month, we asked for your prayers concerning:

  • Baby Thank you for your prayers!  The Doctor continues to say that everything is going well and the ultrasounds are showing good health.  We had hoped to go to Washington to have the baby, but it looks like we’ll stay here in Mexico for the birth.  
  • “It Is Finished” A great evening of remembering what Christ has done for us.  Not only did he die for us, but God raised him from the dead!  Many people came forward to be ministered to that night.  Click here for more.
  • Emma Rose She was so excited to turn six!  We had a great time with her and her friends on April 10.  Click here to see pictures.
  • Mom and Dad Silberman 44 years and doing great!
  • Cora Indian Outreach  Our local body of believers went on an Evangelism Outreach to the Cora Indian village, Mojocuautla.  A lot of the town came out to the center of town to see the dramas, music, testimonies and be prayed for.  Click here to see more.
  • Leadership Classes Martin is doing a great job sharing with the Leadership some things he learned in Oaxaca.
  • I preached on April 29 and May 6 It went really well and I had a lot of fun.  Click here for the short report.
  • Marriage Class Leaders Abraham Aguilar and his wife, Graciela, have been doing a great job.
  • Evangelism Outreach Our students had the opportunity to participate in a mini youth conference.  The original plan was an evangelistic outreach, but it turned into a youth conference with other surrounding churches in this region.  Click here for more.

Links to other news:

  • Upper Room Project We are still in need of finances to finish.  Please check out the link in order to see how you can help either by a one time gift or a donation spread out among six months: 
  • Praying for Our Children  Each Sunday parents and teachers come forward to lay hands on the children before they go to their classes.

This Month’s requests:

  • Baby Thank you for your continued prayers for a healthy baby.  The due date is +/- Aug.29
  • Mother’s Day The Women’s ministry will be holding a breakfast for all the mothers that can come on the Mexican Mother’s Day, May 10 (It’s always on May 10 here).
  • Cora Indian Outreach  Our church will be kicking off another outreach to the Cora Indian village, Agua Aceda.  The purpose is to maintain a consistent presence in the towns of Mojocuautla and Agua Aceda.  Please pray for open and receptive hearts to the good news of Jesus. (May 19)
  • EL RETO We are beginning our planning for our major Survivor, Amazing Race, Fear Factor Youth Outreach called, “The Challenge.”  We need $2000 for this event.  Please help.  Click here to see how.
  • Missionary Staff Retreat Please pray for continued guidance as we seek the Lord for this ministry (May 25, 26)
  • Quick trip to the United States We will be heading for Arizona on May 30 and will be away for about 10 days.  Please pray for travelling safety and an opportunity to rest.

Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
Click here to donate to our personal support.

Steve, Geña, Rebecka and Emma Rose Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions Cofradia
Area Director
SKYPE: “srsilberman”

Monday, May 07, 2012

Healthy Growth

I had the opportunity to speak the last two Sundays in church.  As I'm normally leading worship, this was the first time in a really long time that I was able to preach to the congregation.  This year Pastor Gollo has been focusing on our Spiritual Growth and I thought it appropriate to share "Signs of Healthy Growth" inspired by my late Pastor Marc Pearson's messages of 25 Signs of A Healthy Christian.

I've never before felt the excitement of not being able to wait through the Worship time to be able to speak.  It was pretty exciting and I had fun.  Most importantly, the people I prayed with at the end came forward because of doubts and hurts.  One gave his life to the Lord!

Unteaching Marriage

Unteaching Marriage is the title of our Marriage class that Abraham and Graciela have been teaching on the first Sunday of every month.  It has been a great time and an excellent opportunity for the married couples to receive some correct teaching on Marriage.  "Unteaching" because some of us have been taught incorrectly and we need to relearn some things.

Student Ministry to El Tigre

On May 5, our student ministry had the opportunity to participate in a mini-youth conference in the church at El Tigre about 20 minutes north of here.  There were many youth there from Pescadero, Tuxpan, El Tigre, Cofradía, and Arrayanes.  It was a really fun time as our youth opened up with worship, there was a special song from a local, an excellent message from the Tuxpan Pastor, and a lively closing with Worship from the El Tigre band.  Many of the students went forward and it was evident that they were receiving a touch from the Lord.
"Templo Cristiano" in El Tigre, Nayarit
Our youth getting ready for worship.

Ministry in Mojocuautla

Mojocuautla is one of the closest Cora Indian villages that we have spent over 15 years visiting and ministering to on and off as the Lord directs us.  The ministry has fluctuated in the past ranging from a really great response to a dry lack of interest.  Missionaries Jay and Faith TenBrink lived there for a while and are the Indigenous Ministry Leaders for this ministry.  They have recently formed a team of leaders who are dedicated to visiting and evangelizing this town and another one called Agua Aceda.

In April, our local church body in Cofradía took the gospel message to this village after months of not having the opportunity to visit as the Student Ministry shared a drama and music along with some special testimonies and music from others.  At the end of our time there, we had the opportunity to pray with many villagers.  Horacio will be be leading the evangelism along with Angel "Niko" after this "kick-off" event.  Next month, we do the same in Agua Aceda.

Missionaries Jay and Faith TenBrink.  Indigenous Ministry Leaders.
Horacio our greeting and inviting people to the center of town. 
Students and adults inviting the people of Mojocuautla

Angel "Niko" getting ready to start everything.


Praying for Our Children

Months ago we started to take a little more interest in the children of the church as we call them up after worship time and the parents and teachers come forward to pray over them each Sunday before they head off to class.  It was been a wonderful time for all of us to remind us that while we're receiving the Word of God in the service, there are children that are being nurtured by God through their teachers in the classrooms.  This has also made a better connection with the congregation and children. Thank you Sunday-School Teachers for all you do!

YOU can participate with us each Sunday by remembering to pray for the Children's Ministry in Cofradía led by Antonia Franco.

Emma's Birthday

Emma Rose turned 6 years old on April 10.  We celebrated her birthday as she invited many of her friends over for hotdogs and tamales.  She was dressed in her stylish butterfly outfit as all the kids enjoyed hitting three different piñatas and eating cake.  Emma was soooo excited!

Friday, May 04, 2012

It Is Finished

"It Is Finished" was a special service on Good Friday.  We had a special speaker, Pastor José from Rosamorada, a drama performed by the youth group and a special video edited by Jay.  It was a great time and many people came forward for prayer in the end.