Friday, April 13, 2012


Greetings, from Cofradía, Mexico!  We’re in the first week of a two-week Spring Break here in Mexico.  The girls are home so we’ve been doing home school in the mornings.  Monday we went to the beach; Rebecka and I had an extremely fun time riding the waves on boogie boards, Emma and I had a great time jumping the smaller waves near the shore, and Geña visited with the friends that went with us.  The weather is getting warmer during the day, but it still stays around 60 in the early morning--burr! Thank you for your prayers this past month as there has been lots of activity.

Last month, we asked for your prayers concerning:

  • Homeschool Thank you for your prayers. We are almost all caught up with projection to finish in June.  The girls are doing well.  Please keep this in your prayers as you pray for our family.
  • Baby Each month we’ve gone to the doctor for an ultrasound.  This past month the Doctor continues to say that everything is going very well; the baby is healthy and active.  Our next visit is in a couple of weeks.
  • Pastor Gollo’s Son Gollito has been recovering very well.  If you were to see him, you wouldn’t know that anything happened.  Four of the five teeth that need to be replaced have yet been supplied, he’s had some provisional teeth in the meantime.  Thank you for your prayers.
  • Youth Ministry Awards Night This was an incredible night that brings the students together.  Inspired and started by a short-term missions team, our student ministry decided to keep the tradition in the team’s absence this year.  This has become one of the most influential annual events we have for the students as we honor those who have stood out in leadership and growth.  Read the report here.

Links to other news:
  • Upper Room Project If you’ve been following our updates, you know we’ve been working on finishing our house.  With what have have saved and raised, we are over half way to reaching our goal.  Please continue to keep this in your prayers and if you can help, we’d appreciate it.  We’d like to have it ready for when the baby arrives in late August.  Please check out the link in order to see how you can help.
  • Xtreme Kids We took 12 of our children to a concert in Tepic with the Xtreme Kids band.  All of them loved it!
  • Vision Juvenil 20 of our youth were at a youth conference in Tepic where over 1,000 people attended.  Many people were saved and touched by God.
  • Pastors Unite Some Pastors in the area are saying, “Let’s set aside our denominational differences and Praise God together.”
  • March Newsletter 
This Month’s requests:
  • Baby Thank you for your continued prayers for a healthy baby.  The due date is +/- Aug.29
  • “It Is Finished” is the title of Good Friday’s service as we have invited other churches to attend and be part of what God is doing here.  Please pray for open hearts and freedom through the cross. (April 6)
  • Emma Rose will turn 6 on April 10!
  • Mom and Dad Silberman will celebrate 44 years of marriage on April 12!
  • Cora Indian Outreach  Our church will be kicking off another season of outreach into the Cora Indian villages that are in our backyard.  We are planning an evangelistic outreach with the purpose of maintaining a consistent presence in the towns of Mojocuautla and Agua Aceda.  On Saturday, April 14, we will be visiting Mojocuautla.
  • Leadership Classes In working towards the goal of giving a healthy structure to the church body, Pastor Gollo has been meeting with his leaders once a month.  One of the young adults who has been to two years of bible school will be starting a Leadership class for our leaders on April 15.  We are looking forward to Martin’s teaching. (3rd Sunday of each month)
  • I will be preaching on April 29 and again on May 6 for the first time in the new church building during a Sunday Service (I’m usually leading worship).  I’ll be continuing with Pastor Gollo’s theme of “Growth” as I speak on Signs of Healthy Growth.
  • Marriage Class Leaders Abraham Aguilar and his wife, Graciela, have been leading a Marriage class on the first Sunday of each month.  This month we watched the movie, “Courageous.”  Please pray for wisdom as they continue to teach and for the marriages of the brothers and sisters in Centro Cristiano Cofradía. (1st Sunday of each month)
  • Evangelism Outreach in a nearby town called El Tigre.  Our youth band has been invited to participate in an evangelistic outreach with our friends/brothers in El Tigre.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch our band as they have been performing lately.  (May 5)

Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
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Steve, Geña, Rebecka and Emma Rose Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions Cofradia
Area Director
SKYPE: “srsilberman”

written 4/6/2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

Student Ministry Awards Night

Since 2006, our student ministry has had an awards night inspired by and with the help of the student ministry at Cy-Fair Christian Church from Houston, Texas.  This is a great evening where we can honor students who have stood out as potential leaders, encouragers, servants, and a willingness to grow.  Unfortunately, this year the Short-Term Mission team was unable to come.  However, our student ministry leaders continued with the tradition of holding the awards night as they worked very hard to raise the money needed in order to accomplish the task.  In the end, it was a successful event that once again brought the students together.  Each year has a theme, this year it was "Professionals."

There are four awards we give out:
1.  NUEVA GENERACION (New Generation) - "New Generation" refers to students who are in their first year of Secondary School (7th grade).  The student awarded this is someone who has shown an ability to lead.
2.  ENTUSIASMO (Spirit) - This is awarded to the student that has portrayed enthusiasm in anything he does, participates in activities, and encourages others to participate as well.
3.  SERVIR (Servant) - This is awarded to the student who has shown leadership qualities by serving others before themselves; seeing a need and fulfilling it.
4.  CORAZON VALIENTE (Brave Heart) - This is awarded to the student who has shown extreme spiritual growth as they take on challenges they wouldn't normally attempt.

Here is a video of the past few years.  The commentary is in Spanish, but it should speak for itself.

This year's winners were:

Cecilio Rodriguez for SPIRIT AWARD
Guillermo Orozco for SERVANT AWARD

Jesús Orozco for BRAVE HEART AWARD
This is the full presentation including all the nominees as it was presented in Power Point: