Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Greetings from Cofradía, Mexico! Thanks to all of you who prayed for us as we prepared for Hurricane Patricia this month.  It made landfall quite a ways south, but crossed only about 100 miles of us between Tepic and Guadalajara.  After making sure that there was nothing loose on the properties and the vehicles were under cover, we anticipated at least some rain and random gusts of wind.  The result was a little bit of drizzling before it came ashore and we woke up to clear skies in the morning.  Because of the mountains between us and where it hit, it dissipated quickly.  However, it still did some damage in it’s direct path as you probably saw on the news.  There were so many reports of people praying over this storm and many attribute it’s unusually quick dissipation to people’s prayers and God’s hand at work.  For those of you interested, I posted a little blurb with a couple of maps to show you where the storm was in relation to us here.

In our last update, we asked you to pray for... 
  1. The Ripples of EL RETO.  Thank you for your continued prayers over the students who participated in EL RETO 2015. 
  2. Civil Association Status.  LA COFRADIA UNITED INTERNATIONAL, ASSOCIACION CIVIL is official.  We are working with an accountant to find out what would be best for us regarding a bank account.  It appears that this will incur unanticipated bank costs and more administrative work than expected.  However, we are excited about one specific projects that we are looking forward to beginning soon, a Drug Rehab Center in the county seat, Rosamorada, led by Pastor Amado Verdin of Rosamorada.  This project is at the beginning stage and Pastor Amado has been in contact with the local government officials to get it started.  In the future, we will let you know how you can participate in this ministry.  The Cofradia Dwellings home builds will also be included as a project led by the Association and even some aspects of EL RETO. 
  3. Religious Association Status.  We’re seeing some progress.  We expect this to take longer than the Civil Association. 
  4. Bible School. In the last update, I mentioned there were three Masters students preparing to graduate.  It turns out the there are five eligible for graduating with a Masters next June.  They are working on completing their Thesis as well as finishing up the class requirements and tuition payments. 
  5. Lain and Kelly Grant are doing well at language school and being taken good care of as they are the only two current students.  We visited them this past weekend and are excited about their progress.  It will be nice to have them back here soon! 
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This month, will you please pray for...
  1. Religious Association Status.  Continue to pray for guidance, wisdom, and patience as we put all the documentation together. 
  2. Bible School. Continue to pray for the now five Masters students who are working on their graduation exam (Pastor Goyo, Martin, Angel, Pastor Amado and his wife, Lourdes—from Rosamorada). Three of them need quite a bit of help with their tuition.  Contact me if you feel led to help them or have a question about their need.
  3. Freedom in Christ conference in Mexico City: Pastor Goyo and I have the privilege of being invited to a conference in Mexico City with author, Dr. Neil Anderson, Founder and President of Freedom in Christ Ministries along with the President of the same ministry in Mexico, William Gallardo.  Being in Mexico City will also allow Goyo and I to meet the lady who is helping us put together our documentation for the Religious Association.  Pray for safe travels, divine appointments, and a nice refreshing in our spirits. (November 21,22) 
  4. Freedom in Christ conference in Cofradia: William Gallardo, his wife and two others will be coming to Cofradia to lead a four-day conference with our Pastors and Leaders from Cofradia and some from the surrounding areas.  Pray for safety in their travels, open hearts in those attending, and for this aspect of ministry to continue in this area; we want to see people free in Christ! (December 17 – 20) 
  5. Drug Rehab Center: The government in Rosamorada has seen the testimony of Pastor Amado and how his life has dramatically changed and they are extremely excited to help with getting the Drug Rehab Center running.  Please pray for God to continue to speak to the town leaders’ hearts and that they would give their life to Him.  Pray for the land that is needed to build the center, pray for the construction of the facilities, and especially pray for Pastor Amado as he moves forward in the vision that the Lord has given him. 
  6. Anniversary! Geña and I will have been married for 15 years on November 18.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our family and ministry!
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!

Thank you so much for being part of our team as we work together to RAISE UP LEADERS IN RURAL MEXICO!!!!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
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