Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Itinerary to Washington

We will be leaving for Washington on Tuesday, July 28 from Cofradia. Here is an itinerary of our trip. There may be some changes along the way, but this is to give you an idea of where we'll be. If you see that we're in/near your area, let us know so we can have a cup of coffee or something. Once we get to Arizona, we'll have a cell phone with us for easier communication.

July 28-La Cruz de Elota, Sinaloa (Youth Camp)
July 29, 30-Tucson, Arizona (Micher's)
July 31-August 3-Perris, California (Gena's sister's-Julia)
August 4,5-Oxnard, California (Jimenez's)
August 6-Tracy, California (Gena's brother's-Luis)
August 7-9-Lincoln, California (Gena's sister's-Esperanza)
August 10-Gaston, Oregon (Meeuwsen's)
August 11-October-Bremerton, Washington (Silberman's)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Student Leadership Retreat Report


“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds” was the verse from Hebrews that rang in the ears of 10 student leaders and five youth staff for three days. It suggests teamwork, edification, and a goal.

We spent the first day mostly getting to know each other more and developing a “team” atmosphere. Our first study was in the evening as we focused on what we build upon our foundation who is Christ. As a leader, it’s very important to not live a self-centered life infected with pride. The day ended with a very special time of prayer and adoration to God.

The next day was spent mostly in the classroom with three more Bible studies: Authentic Worship, Unity, and Being Freed to Lead. As an application to Unity we watched “Remembering the Titans”--in our leadership team this year, we are representing a rivalry between two towns and as we learn to accept and love one another, we should have some serious growth in not only our leaders, but the youth group as well. A highlight of the day for many was a hike up to the highest functioning lighthouse in the world as we experienced first hand overcoming a tough task--we did this in the hot sun in the middle of the day!

The final day we wrapped things up as everyone had the opportunity to share about each team member from a worksheet given out on the first day called, “My Team.” Each member was to write some positive affirmations about each person on the team. Many times we have an automatic pilot that focusses on the negative characteristics of others if they’re not “our favorite person in the world.” By affirming others, we are forced to see the gifts God has given them. It was a great way of “edifying” one another.

To keep the tradition of the Student Leadership Retreat, we went to a big water park in Mazatlán for some much needed free time after sitting and absorbing for two and a half days!

This was the third year in a row that we chose some older students whose leadership and commitment to God stand out amongst the others. We are excited about the year to come as it will bring freshness to the youth ministry. This year Chuy Hernández joins our youth staff as an intern. He is taking some giant steps of responsibility after spending 10 months in Oaxaca at a Bible School.

Chuy Hernández

Returning as Student Leaders are...




Joining us either again or for the first time are...







and Chuy Corrales.

Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for us during this time and those who gave donations to make this possible. This is the most important time in the Student Ministry of Cofradía. THANK YOU!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

June Update

Greetings everyone!  Wow, the weather sure warmed up here.  We pray that all are doing well wherever you may be this month!  Here is a quick report about June and some things to pray for in July.  Thank you for including these items in your time with the Lord.

Last month, we asked you to pray for…
  • Short-term Missions...Canyon Hills Church from Washington did a great job while they were here working on the new Church building and ministering in different towns in the evenings.  We were able to go to a couple of towns that we don’t normally go to; Minitas and San Vicente.  God has opened doors for more ministry opportunities.  Would you like to come down and serve?
  • Men’s Conference...four men went to the three-day conference in Mazatlán.  The reports are that it was phenomenal!  Thank you for praying and especially for my brother-in-law Hugo who attended; he had a great time!
  • Student Ministry...we are planning for our three-day retreat with our leaders.  Please pray for the Lord’s direction as we lead people to lead people.  For me, this is the most exciting part about this ministry.  We received the funds needed for the retreat and we look forward to reporting about it next month.
Vacationing in Mexico? We would love to see you as Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara are all 3 to 4 hours from here.  If you are coming to any of those locations, let us know!!  We would love to have you come and visit us in Cofradía and experience the “Real Mexico”!!

Links to something extra...
Tuesday mornings' “Coffee Time 0530”: <>
Facebook; if you’re on Facebook, I’d love to get in touch with you!: <>

This month, would you please pray for...
  • Short-term Missions...Christ Memorial Church from Poulsbo, Washington is here right now.  We had over 40 students arrive for a three-day volleyball tournament and they will continue to minister to children this week.  Please pray that there would be fruitful results of their ministry (July 2-11)
  • Student Leadership Retreat Please, please pray for a special anointing over this time.  We have 11 student leaders this year and there will be four of us sharing the speaking times.  Pray for open and ready hearts in the students and guidance for the staff (July 13-15).
  • Speed Soccer Tournament We’ll have our annual Speed Soccer Summer Tournament July 21-24.  This is a great way for reaching out to students and allowing our leaders to put their leadership into action.
  • Youth Summer Camp Pray for students to be transformed during this time (July 28-Aug 1).
  • Visit to Washington We will be arriving in Poulsbo Washington around the 10th of August.  Please pray for safe travel, relaxing family time, and opportunities to share Christ’s love.  We will also be available for giving reports in churches, small groups, Sunday Schools, special meetings, or over dinner.  Click here to see our itinerary:
Thank you very much for your prayers and continued support.  
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Steve, Geña, Rebecka and Emma Rose Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
SKYPE: “srsilberman”

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Stateside Itinerary

We will be heading to Washington soon for three months and we would love to give reports in churches, home groups, youth groups, Sunday Schools, special meetings or over dinner.  Please contact us if you would like us to come share. 

Our itineration will look similar to this...

Arizona (last week of July)

California (first week of August)

Oregon (early second week of August)

Washington (mid August to late October)

We are also hoping to make a trip to Idaho and Montana during our stay.

Oregon/California/Arizona (last week of October/first week of Nov.)

Contact us by email or Facebook:

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sunday Service

We had a great service yesterday morning in Church. Christ Memorial Church from Poulsbo, Washington has sent a team of eight here to work along side us in the ministry this week. I am especially excited about this because this is my home church! They are a great group of students and young adults and I have really enjoyed the four days theyʼve been here so far.
Saturday, I received an email from a good friend and member of the congregation back home about a dream they had of the team praying for us and that God was doing some great things. In turn, one of the team members who has been diagnosed with Leukemia was prayed for by us and was healed. That was the dream.
So, in church we allowed God the opportunity to work in this way. At the end of the service durning our normal prayer time, I mentioned to the Americans what the first part of the dream was about and encouraged them to pray for the people. When I interpreted what I said into spanish, I asked for anyone who was sick or had a family member who does not know Jesus and it seems an impossibility for them to accept Him, to raise their hands and the Americans would go around and pray for them. We continued to sing “Mighty to Save” (in Spanish), and as we proclaimed what the chorus says, “Savior, he can move the mountains.” Just about everyone raised their hands asking for prayer! It was amazing to see God using the team in this way.

When the team had finished praying for everyone, I continued to explain what the rest of the dream had praying for their team member. I asked the young lady come forward and about 80% of the people in the church came forward to hands on/towards her as we asked God for healing in her body.

It was definitely an amazing time! The Holy Spirit in his own gentle way directed us as we prayed for one another and as I looked out I saw a number of people weeping and being touched by God. Maybe we wonʼt see any immediate physical obvious signs that God has healed someone, but I do know that He touched many lives yesterday. I believe thatʼs what he likes to do. Just as the leper in Mark chapter one asked Jesus to touch him and He did, so it was today. We asked God to touch us, and He did!