Saturday, June 30, 2012

Special Need - Student Ministry

We are two months away from kicking off our annual "Challenge" event with our student ministry; also known as EL RETO!  This year's theme is "La Zona de Peligro" (The Danger Zone).  It's a very exciting time not just for the youth, but also for the adults who help staff the event and children who dream of the day they can participate in it.

We need your help.  Would you sponsor this event with a special gift of any size?  We will need to purchase props, shirts, team accessories, banquet supplies, promotional materials, and prizes, as well as provide gas money for transportation.  In the end, we need at least $1,500 dollars.

Donate here to Ministry Location: Cofradía and make a special note that it's for "Students".

If you are unfamiliar with this event, you can click here to see more information including videos of the past couple of years.

Thank you in advance for your partnership as we reach students together for God's Kingdom.


Monday, June 11, 2012

TenBrink June Update

Jay and Faith TenBrink are missionaries with us at Alternative Missions Cofradía.  They did an excellent job sharing about our ministry and more specifically of things they are directly involved in.  Please enjoy their informative update!  You can click on the page to zoom in.  At the bottom are links to slide shows to different activities we've had.
Mojocuautla Outreach Slideshow
Agua Aceda Outreach Slideshow
Cobblestone Road Project Slideshow
Paver Stone Project Slideshow
Roof Project Slideshow