Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Parents in Cofradia

This year my parents came down for three weeks and were able to spend Thanksgiving with us as well as celebrate an early Christmas with the girls.

We had a great time, but it flew by!  Dad helped out a lot with re-painting our downstairs windows and replacing the mosquito screens as well as sanding a bunch of used doors that we got on our last trip to Arizona.  Mom spent a lot of time with the girls doing art projects, making cookies, and holding baby Mackenzie.

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking time out and coming down to visit us!

Here are some pics of their time here...
Visiting Tepic, Nayarit
Baby Dedication on our 12th Wedding Anniversary, November 18.
Mom helping with Art projects
Dad re-painted the windows and we put up new mosquito screen.
Mom with Mackenzie
Dad working on the doors.
November 20, Revolution Day Parade in Cofradía
Barbecue after the Parade with special guests Hugo and Max
Backyard Bonfire with s'mores!
Tacos in Las Pilas...mmmm Goood!!
Family Christmas Photo

Dwellings House in Cofradia

On November 2, a family from our Cofradia Christian Center, Chano and Victoria, received a brand new home thanks to an anonymous donation and a week of hard work by the local church.
Chano and Victoria
This was the sixth house that has been built for needy families here in Cofradía through a ministry called Dwellings.  We are all excited for this well-deserving couple that have struggled financially for a very long time and just have not had enough to build.   Chano and Victoria were one of the 13 couples who were married on Valentine's Day 2010 in our HUGE wedding ceremony for those who had never had the opportunity to officially get married in the church.  They have three daughters, and one grandchild.  They have been living in a house/shack for a long time and for the lack of work and finances, have been unable to arrange their home to be livable throughout the year.  They've had to leave their home and stay with someone else a number of times during the rainy season as water would come through the cracks in their roof.

It was a blessing to be able to bless a needy family in this way.  Here are some pictures of how things progressed.

A number of people came out to help pour the floor the first day.  In the background, you can see what they were living in.
Chano was out their every day working hard.
After the floor was poured, Pastor Gollo took a moment to pray with Chano and Victoria.
It's taking form as the walls are getting stuccoed.
Almost done!
Pastor Luis, the one in charge of the build, is finishing up with some of the last touches before handing over the keys.
After we prayed for them and dedicated the house, they were about to officially open the doors for the first time.

If you would like to be part of blessing a needy family with a home, whether financially or as part of a team.  Please let me know here and I will get you the information you need.