Friday, May 25, 2018


For the past few months, we have been meeting together at the Arrayanes Church on Tuesday nights as we study the Freedom in Christ 13-week Discipleship Course.  Most of those who started finished...which has always been a struggle here.  In the end, the testimonies of how God worked in their lives is the confirmation of the message that this course shares.  It focuses on the key truths of our  Identity in Christ, what kind of battle we are in and how the enemy attacks us, breaking the bondages of our past as we learn to forgive and demolish strongholds that have been developed, and finally it finishes with key concepts of who to maintain our freedom as it is a daily process of maturity.

"I feel as light as a feather" is the most prominent testimony that people share.  Many people are carrying unneeded baggage in their life and don't even realize it because they haven't experienced life without it.

"It was really hard to forgive (so and so)" is another common testimony.  Forgiveness is heavily dealt with because unforgiveness causes so much harm.

"I'm able to sleep at night now" is another.

"This is very basic material, but it's shared from a different perspective that I've heard before and I am able to understand it better now; it's freeing."

God continues to work in our lives as we continue to help people find Freedom in Christ.
It's amazing!
It's freeing!

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