Thursday, April 04, 2024

Cofradia Kitchen Kids 2024-03

Thank you so much for being part of feeding the children of Cofradia in the mornings before they go to school. They are not only getting fed physically, but spiritually as well as Pastor Goyo shares with them a short devotional each morning and prays with them.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Kingdom Stories

In October 2023, I decided to write a few stories of what God is doing in peoples' lives here. Some are short and small, but big for those who have experienced them. This is a result of your investing in God's Kingdom through prayer and giving. We thank you so much for your partnership!

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Healing in Boca de Camichin, Nayarit

Prayer for healing
Testimony of Healing
A few weeks ago when my mom and Rebecka were visiting, we accompanied Pastor Amado to the coastal town of Boca de Camichin that he visits and ministers at every two weeks. When we were there, Pastor Amado had prayed for a lady named Teresa. She had a tumor in her neck next to her jaw. The doctors told her it was malignant and cancerous. Just recently, we received word that the malignant tumor near her jaw had changed to benign. No cancer any more! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry as you pray for each of the pastors as they go about their ministries. Their ability to travel and preach in different places is provided by your financial help. Thank you for being a blessing to not only the pastors and this ministry, but the people who get ministered to as well. Teamwork!

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Cofradia Kitchen Kids 2024-02

A special thank you to House of Hope who provides the large majority of support to feed the kids of Cofradia each morning. Mati and her helpers have been doing a great job and this is opening doors into the lives of the children in order to minister to them. Pastor Goyo shares with them a devotional each morning and they are learning how to pray for the meals. One parent said their little girl stopped them at home before eating and said, "We need to pray!". Great stuff!

Help participate in not only feeding the children physically, but spiritually as well by contributing to the Cofradia Kitchen. Make sure your donation is marked for "Cofradia Kitchen".

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Christmas Gifts for God

We recently travelled to the Riviera, Nayarit, to visit Pastors Jimmy and Perla at their rental home where they host an informal Bible Study on Tuesday evenings. This was the first opportunity we had to attend and participate with them. It was a special night as it was at the beginning of the year and each one came with a testimony of what God has done in their lives since joining the group and a "New Year's Resolution" or a plan for what they feel like God is calling them to change in their lives.

This was one of the most special things I've been able to witness. As we listened to each one share what God is doing, what they've learned, and how they want to change, it was like they were opening up Christmas Gifts for God and they were the gift. It was one of the most God Glorifying meetings I've been a part of. It was awesome! 

Most of the people are friends and neighbors who have never heard the gospel of Christ. Some of them are family members who have either never given their lives to Jesus or they have been distant from him for a while. In short, all 20 of the people who attend are pretty much new believers.

Their testimonies included realizing God's love, recognizing a need for him, and making a decision to give their life to Him. Some are seeing attitudes and customs in their lives that aren't in line with scripture and some want to get married (it is typical here that couples are not officially married). It was really neat to see how the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to them.

Pastors Jimmy and Perla have just been sharing the Word of God without telling them "what they should do" as to not be the Holy Spirit in their life. They are letting the Holy Spirit speak to them individually and it's amazing the fruit they're seeing. This is something new for Jimmy and Perla. They are "resting" in God's promises and allowing the Holy Spirit to not only work in these people's lives, but their own lives as well. They are not fretting over people who have issues they need to work on. They're just loving them and God is working in their hearts.

Just recently, Perla had the opportunity to have a "girl's night out" with the younger ladies and one of them out of nowhere said she wanted to be baptized. Also, after speaking to them how liberating the Freedom in Christ course is, they all want to take it. 

Pastors Jimmy and Perla are doing an EXCELLENT job in Riviera, Nayarit! Thank you for your prayers for them and their ministry. If you would like to help them with some of their expenses such as materials and traveling, please consider it and make a contribution to Pastor Jimmy with Cofradia United here.

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Cofradia Kitchen Kids 2024-01

2024 is here! The Cofradia Kitchen is in service and kids are getting fed each morning. Mati is still doing a great job along with the helpers she has. Hopes are for the future of opening more "Kitchens" in other towns once this one is fully established with help. Thank you so much for taking part in helping feed the children of Cofradia.