Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Ready to Return

We are in our last week in Washington; a bitter-sweet time. We are very blessed to have the family and friends we have and we absolutely enjoyed our time visiting those with whom we were able to connect. The only regret is not being able to see everyone we would have liked. It's always a busy time when we come up, but we enjoyed ourselves.

We head out on Sunday afternoon to Vancouver, Washington to stay with a High School friend, Jack Harroun. Then, the next morning we'll eat breakfast with my former Youth Pastor Ron McClung and see some more friends before we head towards Sacramento. We are not sure where we'll stay on Monday night (Southern Oregon or Northern California--depending on how far we can get).

Thank you for your prayers...we really appreciate them!!!

The Silbermans

Church Construction

Some of you have asked us to put the pictures up so here they are. We are hoping inaugurate the building by the end of next year. Here are some pics...

This is the room where the youth are meeting currently.
Santuary--basketball court/speed soccer court.
The HUGE roof.
Sanctuary facing the stage.
Park area; we'll have a kitchenette on the back wall eventually.
Park area.
"Crece y Deja Crecer" (Grow and Let Grow). This is the front of the church.
Southeast corner of the outside.
Northeast corner of outside.
Future Student Ministry Center--upstairs.
Future site for children's playground.
Looking down at the park area.
More park area.
The whole building (2 lots) from the North.

Thank you to all of you who have donated time and money towards this project. This is a very special project that not just the church will benefit from, but the community as well. As the Lord continues to make His presence known, peoples lives continue to be changed. Please continue to pray for Centro Cristiano Cofradía. If you are interested in getting a team together to come down to help, let us know.

Click here to donate online to this project. Find the "Cofradía, Mexico" location; click on "note" and designate the funds to "New Church Building Construction"; then choose the amount you'd like to donate and click on "add to gift cart." Once you've done that follow the instructions to "check out." It's very easy.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Trip to Spokane

We had a pretty good time in Spokane. After seeing my aunt and uncle Friday morning, we took off to Spokane, got situated in the hotel room my parents set us up in, and went out to dinner with Jeff and Kerry Kennedy--friends from college. It was great to see them after such a long time with their four awesome children.

From there we went to the Convention Center downtown to attend the Spiritual Hunger/Healing Rooms conference and the worship was wonderful! The message was good too, after attending meetings on Saturday morning and evening, I was pleased with how they spoke an down to earth topics such as identity in Christ and the problem of Obesity in our country. Very good stuff!
There was a group of people who waived banners during looked pretty cool.
There were some extra banners for those who wanted to join in...Rebecka couldn't wait!
Downtown Spokane...very nice!

Sunday morning we spoke at Fountain of Faith, a church that an old elementary school friend, Gordy Marson, is helping start. Pastor Sonny Weathers is a very nice guy and the people were very friendly. We enjoyed ourselves.

After having lunch with Gordy and his wife, we headed over to Coeur d'lane, Idaho to our hotel to rest a bit before heading down to the lake, a nice walk along the boardwalk and playing on the play structure with the kids. It was a nice relaxing time.

In front of the Coeur d' Lane Resort about to go on our boardwalk walk.
I thought I'd relax a bit as Emma drove the boat! lol.

Monday morning after breakfast, we hopped over to Haugan, Montana to the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar/Gift Shop/Restaurant to look around. As kids, we stopped there every time we went to visit family in Montana. So, Geña and the girls have now been to Idaho AND Montana. :)

On our way back through Idaho, we stopped and had lunch with Kerry Kennedy's mom along the river just north of Kingston, Idaho. Then, we drove down to Mesa, Washington to visit a couple of guys from the Cofradía area who are up here on contract to work in the apple fields. It was good to see them, Juan Luis and Gabriel, as we ate dinner with them in their living quarters.
Having a good time at the river.
Our visit with Mrs. Neubauer.
The guys: Gabriel and Juan Luis are from Arrayanes (just north of Cofradía) and their roommate Saul.

Home by mid-night for school the next morning. Great trip, we got to see a lot and I absolutely love Northern Idaho!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


You will enjoy reading the report of the final week of EL RETO 2009. There is even a video showing a part of the exciting worship service. I'm proud of our student leaders for the fine job of organizing and executing the event. Thanks to Amber for her involvement as well.

Click here to read the will like it!

Online Donations

The new Alternative Missions website has allowed donors to have a direct link to the missionary of their choice. Here is the new link to donate to the Silbermans. It is easy and safe.