Monday, December 19, 2011

The Upper Room Project

Help make a difference in Cofradía through The Upper Room Project.


Merry Christmas Everyone from Cofradía, Mexico!  As the cool weather approaches, it’s nice to sit down in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and consider the day and the different aspects of our life and ministry.  Our prayer is that this time of year is a joyous celebration for you as we are reminded of our Savior's birth.  Some of you will be with family, others may not.  Still, others might be missing loved one’s who have passed this year.  Our hearts go out to you.  May the Lord bring His Peace upon your life, especially in this time.

Last month, we asked for your prayers concerning:

  • Pastor Gollo, he is in good health.  He has had some studies done and after investigating, it appears to be something very minimal and for no need of an operation.  Thank you VERY MUCH for praying for this issue.
  • Youth Concert Thank you for continuing to lift up the student ministry as they make good efforts to reach out to their peers.
  • Border Trip Thank you for your prayers over our family as we travelled to and from Tucson, AZ to take care of a couple of business items and spend time with our friends’ family during Thanksgiving.  It was a very busy time for us leaving us with minimal time to rest.  However, we enjoyed our time and the new people we met.
  • Pastor Rafael Gradilla came last weekend and, as always, he made a great impact on the lives of our Pastor, Leaders, Church, and even the visitors who came to our Evangelistic outreach.  There were 6 people who have never come to church before who responded to the invitation of receiving Christ into their hearts.  One of which was a wonderful surprise to see step forward, Doña Chuy (for those of you who know Pastor Horacio, it’s his mother-in-law).  We had an excellent time of fellowship and teaching and wish that the time could have been longer.  Thank you for your prayers.

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This Month’s requests:

  • Parents’ Visit: We are all excited for a visit from my parents between December 13 – January 5.  It will be their first Christmas with us in Mexico.  Please pray for travel safety and good health while they are here.
  • Youth Christmas Party: Each year the students have a Christmas Party where they invite their friends to youth group.  This usually has a good turn-out.  Please pray that the students who come will be impacted during this time (December 17).
  • Youth Winter Sports Tournaments:  Our Annual Winter Sports Tournament for the youth will take place the week of December 26 – 31.  This is another door for the unchurched to know Christ.  
  • Upper Room Project: We have started building our upstairs rooms and are praying that you can be part of the Lord’s provision to finish the roof before the rainy season.  Sometimes, a rain or two will come in January or February.  We need to raise at least $8000 more dollars.  You can send a one-time gift before the end of the year or extend a gift over 6 months, whichever is more convenient for you.  Donate here and make a note that it’s for the Silberman’s Home: 
  • Follow up of New Believers: Please continue to keep in prayer the new believers and that the Lord will give us wisdom in the follow-up.
  • Ministry Transition: Thank you for continuing to keep this ministry in your prayers as we follow the Lord’s direction during our transition period.  The initial changes have been set in place, our mission and new vision have been established, now we need patience and wisdom to carry out God’s call on us in this part of the world as more changes will be necessary.  Please pray, also, that the church body adjusts well to this transition time as well.

Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
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Alternative Missions Cofradia
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