Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Pastors' Perspectives 2023-1

These are bi-anual reports where our Cofradia United Pastors share what the Lord is doing in their areas and how you can pray for them. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to see the Kingdom of God advance.

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Pastors Gregorio (Goyo) Hernández and Matilde (Mati)
Lead Pastors of Centro Cristiano la Cofradía United
Cofradia de Cuyutlán, Nayarit

Blessings to all who are attentive to the affairs concerning the ministry of Centro Cristiano Cofradia. With this year coming to an end, there has been a convicting knowledge of this year being filled with blessings. In the month of October, we finished the course of “Living in the Balance Between Grace and Faith”, which was beneficial for the people who partook in the challenge of taking the class. Seven brothers in Christ finished the course and were encouraged throughout the class. 

The theme of this year, “Time to Fish”, was fruitful in both the congregation and especially the leadership. On December 15, 16 and 17, a Freedom in Christ course was carried out and it helped and supported the growth of many individuals’ leadership and the knowledge of the freedom in Christ we have received.

This upcoming year, the theme is “Being Passionate for God”, and we will be encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ to serve the LORD and others as servants of the LORD. On the 6thand 7thof January there will be an elder’s retreat. The topic approached will be on the church’s theme for this year along with other matters. In the last days of March, we will be offering the Grace Course. 

Thank you for all your spiritual and financial support toward this ministry. Your contribution toward the development of the ministries here is deeply appreciated. Each of you have been a blessing and we deeply appreciate it. We also give thanks to God for his gift to you of generosity. God bless you all. 



Pastor and wife, Gregorio Hernández and Maty Espinoza 


Pastors Horacio Garzón and María
Indigenous Ministries
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitators
Cofradia de Cuyutlán, Nayarit

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am so thankful for all the ways in which each one of you have been blessing us such as your prayers, friendship, time, and finance. Thank you for allowing God to move through you for us. I would also like to thank God for our pastor Gregorio Hernandez and for Steven Silberman who have a sensitive ear to the Lord’s guidance. They provide us with means of spiritual growth in a loving manner through fellowship where the clarity and presence of the joy of Jesus Christ is among us. 

Brothers and sisters, I would like to reiterate the passage of Matthew 11:28 to you all. It is a reminder to those who are weary and Jesus calls those who are burdened to His rest. We are reminded that in sickness and difficulties we are called to the restoration He has provided for us. Jesus says we should go to him in everything because he is our firm foundation, our safe place, and our security.

It is very important to have an open ear to the guidance of God to fulfill His calling. I encourage you all to maintain your eyes on the things from above because it is ultimately Him who provides us our needs. In this way, God has provided us with land and means of construction. Now I’m currently looking for ways to use these resources for the greater purpose. 

Thank you to each one of you and I hope this letter finds you all in great health. We love you all, and both my wife Maria and daughter Kenia send you greetings. I am beyond grateful for the blessing you all are to our lives. 


Thank you, 

Horacio Garzón Orozco


Pastor Amado Verdin and Lourdes
Lead Pastors of Casa de Oración, La Hermosa
Director of Restoration Center, El Faro de Esperanza
Rosamorada, Nayarit

Greetings and blessings to you all from Iglesia Hermosa, Casa de Oración,

We have a lot to share with you of these past six months.

On Mondays we offer discipleship in the homes of families who want to have bible studies.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we have devotions with married couples from the church. 

On Wednesday afternoons we have studies for the enablement of the leadership team in our church with courses of growth. 

On Thursdays we meet for prayer and intersession. 

Every Saturday we meet with the youth of Cofradia for youth group. 

On the 28thand 29thof October the youth of the church went to a youth camp in Chacala, Nayarit.

On Sundays we have our services for the public. 

The children are taught bible stories during the church service.

During the summer there was a summer bible school for the children and the topic talked about was identity. There were activities such as games and choreographies that were presented.

There are women’s group assemblies with other churches across the state of Nayarit. 

After Hurricane Roslyn hit, we joined together as a congregation and offered help in the devastated towns nearby, and we supplied them with food and clothing .

The church will also help with the distribution of boxes from the Samaritan’s Purse as gifts in an event that will take place on January of 2023.

Regarding the rehabilitation center, we have received training from the CECA, (Consejo Estatal Contra las Adicciones).

There was a checkup done by the SISVEA, Sistema de Vigilancia Epidemiologica de las Adicciones, for the purpose of reiterating the operation of the Faro de la Esperanza.

The search for the grounds for the building of the rehabilitation center continues. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as this vision keeps advancing.

Pastor Amado Verdin


Pastors Ruben Perez and Valeria

Lead Pastors of Restauración y Vida

Church Plant Pastor in Mazatan, Nayarit
Las Varas, Nayarit

Greetings and blessings form our ministry Restauración y Vida (Restoration & Life). This year has been heavy, but we have seen the glory of God in our lives. His hand has been on us, and He is faithful. Through the cancer that appeared in my son, God has opened many doors and he has been progressively recovering. We believe the Lord God will restore my son’s health completely for the glory of the Lord. Thank you all for the support and prayers. We are forever grateful for the blessing you have been to us. Blessings to you and we love you all.


Pastors Rodrigo Romero and Annel
Cordero y Leon
Culiacán, Sinaloa

Greetings to all the brothers and sisters in Christ who are reading this letter. We are content in ending the season of this year sharing with you all the marvels the Lord has done in our ministry. These past six months were a great blessing both in the ministry and spiritually. The people of the congregation have grown in all aspects, and new people and neighboring individuals hear of the gospel, and many have accepted the message of salvation and attend services with us. Along with the daily activities throughout the week, we have meetings where we intercede through prayer, and we study books that build us up along with some coffee time.We read three to four books a year. On Sunday mornings the congregation gathers to celebrate the Lord. This dynamic keeps the congregation encouraged. Outside of our regular ministry activities, we long to take the gospel further than the walls of the church, and there is an impulse for reaching others and be in confraternity. There are reunions specifically for women, “Woman with the Identity of Royalty,” and youth groups “In the Chambers of the King.” There are mission trips to the Sierra Del Nayar where the gospel is shared with the Kuare community. 

God has been so good to us, and he has fulfilled all his promises. We are satisfied with these past six months, and we are hopeful for what the Lord will do in the year of 2023. We extend our love to those who read this letter. We sense we are part of your family, and we hope the Lord will grant us the privilege of meeting you all soon.


All the church of Cordero y Leon (Lion & Lamb) wishes you all the best in this time of celebration in the company of your family, friends, and your church family! 

Psalms 20:4