Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Conference

We have a Family Conference that will be led by Doug and Jan Taylor this weekend. Tonight for all, tomorrow night for youth, and Sunday morning. I will be interpreting again, so your prayers are appreciated! Also, pray that the message would be accepted and people would be moved to action.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christmas Soccer Tournament

In 2006, we had our first youth soccer tournament here. This past Christmas, the men got involved and there were two tournaments at Christmastime; one for the youth, and one for men. We were in Washington and not able to be here, but the report is in with pictures. Gena's brother, Hugo, was on the winning team for the men! Check out the report at Amber's blog here. Amber is one of our staff members that works with Short-term mission teams and helps out with the youth.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Weekend and More

We had a really good time with Pastors Brad and Dave from Cy-Fair Christian in Houston, Texas. This was their 9th trip down here whether by themselves or with a team. Three years ago they started to come down to spend the weekend with our students and this time they spoke about where the Kingdom of God is and what it looks like. Very good information and a very simple message that really spoke to a lot of our students. I believe they all got it. And, like many of us, it's just a question of puting it into practice now. Thanks Brad and Dave!

I'm still in the process of settling into my office. One of the missionaries here put a tile floor in my office of which I'm very thankful! So before putting everything back into the office in boxes on the floor, I bought some shelving--I still need to get some 3/4" plywood, but it's slowly getting back into shape.

Rebecka is back in school and I'm teaching her phonics and writing. This is pretty hard for me to do. Please pray that I would have patience and that she would be able to put the right sounds with the appropriate letters. She gets stuck on putting two letters together. Thank you for your prayers on this. I know she can do it, she's done it before.

Emma is doing great! She still is pretty much a goofball and both of the girls are so much fun!! I cannot explain the joy God gives us through these two people!

Mili is living with us during the week again staying in the girls' room. She has been a great help around the house and it's been nice for Gena and I to get to know her a little better.

Gena's sister-in-law, Norma, had a baby on Valentine's Day!! I'm not sure they have decided on a name yet, but they are toying with "Zundury Alexandra". She's a cutie!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


If you receive our emails, we have just sent you an update for January. If you would like to receive our emails, please let us know here.

Greetings everyone!!!

We wanted to let you all know that we have returned to Cofradía and made it home safely. There was a couple of exciting moments that we needed to work out with our trailer, but everything is fine now.

We are excited to be back! It was a great 2 1/2 months in the States visiting family and friends. We really wanted to see more people, but time didn’t allow it. A few of the many highlights were the snow on Christmas day, our girls getting to spend time with their grandparents, a trip to Leavenworth, Washington as a family, and our friend Fabian taking me up in a little airplane and letting me fly it! Thank you all for your continued prayers for our family and ministry.

While we were gone, the student leaders (Chuy, Martin, Sandra, and Julio) did a great job of keeping the youth ministry alive and active. We have heard many great reports from our staff and youth. We already have a few things on the schedule for the next couple of months that should keep us busy and bring many opportunities for God to be glorified.

Back in November, we asked you to pray for…
* Evangelistic Crusade with Pastor Rafael Gradilla in November. What an excellent time! We had our first service in the new Church and had around 200 people including children. Many people came from the surrounding villages and praise the Lord for my brother-in-law, Hugo, who went forward to receive the Lord as his Savior!
* Our trip to Washington. We had a great time and it was a great blessing to see people.
* November LIFE NIGHT. The student leaders planned and facilitated the whole service and the report was very good. I’m really excited to see that these students are taking things seriously. They’re building confidence in their abilities to lead and building trust with the students.
* Ricardo and Jose Luis. These two youth were at a DTS in Mazatlán for 3 months, then went on their 3 month mission; Ricardo went to Chiapas, Mexico, and Jose Luis went to Tunasia, Africa. I have not talked with either of them about their trips, but I do know they’re back in Mazatlán and will be returning to Cofradía in about three weeks. Thanks for your prayers for them!

Now we ask you to please pray for…
* Ricardo and Jose Luis. That as they prepare to return to Cofradía, they would be searching for clear direction for their future.
* Student Leadership Conference. Pastors Brad Pembleton and Dave Chavez from Houston, Texas will be coming down for our third annual Student Leadership Conference with the youth. Please pray for safe travel for them and open hearts for the youth (February 14-17).
* February LIFE NIGHT. I will be sharing with the youth some thoughts I’ve learned from the book of Jonah about Jonah (February 23).

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Steve, Geña, Rebecka, and Emma Silberman