Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soccer Tournament

Here are some photos of the tournament yesterday...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Soccer Tournament

The Youth Speed Soccer Tournament was kicked off yesterday. We have 5 teams of 5 guys. The winning team will get trophies for each guy. It was an exciting time and the guys are really into this. We'll continue the tournament today, tomorrow, and Friday. We'll finish everything off with a Championship game on Saturday afternoon and then a youth service afterward with Worship, the Word, slide show, and awards. It will be lots of fun!


Yesterday they fixed the power by the afternoon and we woke up again this morning to the same thing. The power is low, but we still have a little.

On Sunday, Christmas Eve, Roger and Hazel arrived in the afternoon just in time to go to church with us. We had an evening service with all the churches and a lot of testimonies, songs, dramas, and a great sermon by Pastor Gollo. We had been working with the youth for about a month and a halft on a drama that they did pretty good with.

Later on that evening we went to Gena's brother's house, Hugo and Norma, to a party/pinata/dinner they were having. The food was REALLY good; a cooked potato with cheese and carne asada on it accompanied with guacamole and Mexican Salsa. Then there were tomales...really good tomales.

In the morning is when Rebecka and Luis got their bicycles. They were and still are really excited.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our Christmas was very relaxing and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had some friends come to visit us who are staying in Mazatlan right now, Roger and Hazel Reeh, and we had a very, very nice visit. Rebecka and her cousin Luis both got bicycles and were really excited. They are already getting the hang of it really well. Luis couldn't believe it was for him, he said, "Is this really mine?" Later he told me that a bike is what he really wanted. "We would go to the store and they wouldn't buy me one, and they wouldn't buy me one, and they wouldn't buy me one, this is what I wanted." It was really cute. I'll try to have some pictures soon. We don't have much electricity right now, the town is having a "brown-out." God bless everyone!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Emma Update

Thank you for your prayers. Emma is doing a lot better. We aren't 100% sure it's a stomach infection, but she's getting better. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Emma Rose

Please pray for Emma. She has a fever again. We got home from the morning service today and her temperature was 103.5. Apparently, she has an infection in her stomach.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Back in Cofradia

We arrived back in Cofradia on Wednesday afternoon. Our time in Arizona was very nice, we got to spend some time with my parents and we had an early Christmas for the girls. It's always nice to see Mom and Dad. Even our niece Trisha came down for a week to spend with us. Thank you for your prayers for a safe trip. Our email wasn't working well so I came back to A LOT of emails to sift through. I'll be working on that, plus yesterday we kinda got organized in the house, Gena put up all the lights and the tree and did a great job. I also had a worship practice to lead for Sunday. It's nice to be back.