Thursday, August 31, 2006


WOW! Yesterday was a warm one. Our thermometer says that it only got up to 103, but the humidity is thick around here. We have our air conditioner in our room set at a freezing 75 degrees. Last night I walked out to the kitchen to get some water and it really felt like an oven. It was hot and muggy...even at night. We are expecting some rain and wind with the storm coming. Usually this happens when we have storm-like weather. It gets really hot, then in the evening it rains. Last evening it didn't rain, right now it's 90 and humid at 10:30 am. hopefully there'll be some rain today to cool things down. The only drawback is that when the sun comes out when the ground is wet, you get....yep, more humidity! Today is the last day of August, one of the two worst months for this kind of whether. September is left, and with the things we have planned for the youth, it should be a fun month and should hopefully go by pretty quick. Blessings to all.

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