Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Youth Scholarship Fund

One of the most exciting things about working with youth, especially in a small ranching community, is to see their hunger and thirst grow for Christ. We have a number of students who have expressed interest in furthering their education in Bible Schools, Discipleship Training Schools (YWAM), studying music, and what few students here have the opportunity to do…go to university.

Our desire as a staff is to help these students in any way we can to fulfill their dreams of being pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, and strong Christians in the community they live in. We believe that by investing in a Scholarship Fund for these students is one way that you can help as well.

There are currently two students who are pursuing furthered education in a DTS with YWAM. Jose Luis and Ricardo are young adults who have a huge need before them. They both need to raise individually a minimum of $2500usd for the YWAM DTS by September. As you read their profiles below, please pray and consider what donation you can make towards this Scholarship Fund.

José Luís

José Luís describes his life before Christ as “totally lost in the world”. Feeling abandoned, unloved, and completely alone, he pursued anything he thought would help him forget the pain and emptiness he felt deep inside. Then one night, a friend invited him to a youth event where he met Christ for the first time. Life has not been easy since becoming a Christian, but through the ups and downs God has made it clear to Jose Luis that he is never alone and that the He has a plan for his life. Now, this young man is a committed drummer in the worship band, is working toward completing the four-level discipleship course, is growing as a leader among the youth, and even finds ways to minister to and share Christ with his family. The Discipleship Training School will provide José Luís with the knowledge and tools to grow in Biblical leadership and equip him to fulfill the call he believes the Lord has placed on his life.

José Luís says: “I would like to go to the YWAM School because I know that God has a plan for me. I believe that plan is to learn more about his Word and to have a stronger relationship with Him. I believe God wants me to grow in His Word and to be a pastor, preaching His Word to the world. I believe God has called me to serve HIM instead of pleasing the rest of the world, and that He has a plan and purpose for me because I was made for Him.”


Ricardo is the second son of our local head pastor, Gregorio. He does not have a complicated testimony, yet it is packed with the power of Christ to change a life. Unlike his younger brothers, Ricardo spent a good portion of his childhood in a non-Christian home. His father was the first to accept Christ, and eventually his mother did as well. Once they started attending church, Ricardo went out of obligation. However, shortly after joining the youth group, he attended a special youth service hosted by some missionaries. It was then that Ricardo realized that he too needed Christ and finally surrendered his heart. He has continued to grow and mature through the years, not just as a young man, but as a young man committed to living for the Lord. He has been part of the worship band for over 3 years playing acoustic and electric guitars, he is working toward completing a four-level discipleship course and is growing in leadership among the youth. We believe that the Discipleship Training School will provide Ricardo with the tools he needs to continue to grow in the purposes for which Christ has called him.

Ricardo says, “Since the day I surrendered my life to Christ, my life changed. Now, I go to church, not just out of obedience to my parents, but because I need to be in the presence of God. I would like to attend the YWAM School because I desire to have even more communion with God and to learn how to minister God’s Word to other people, specifically to youth, not only in my own town but also in other towns in the area.”

How can I help?

Each of the guys will need to raise at least $2500 to cover the cost of tuition and the outreach phase. If you would like to partner with us financially by donating to the Youth Scholarship Fund there are a couple of ways that can be done.

· Send a check made out to Alternative Missions and designate for "Cofradia Youth Scholarship Fund" by adding a Post It note.. Mail the check to: Alternative Missions, P.O.Box 5835, Goodyear, AZ 85338.
· Donate online. Your donation is secure, consistent and automatic. Just click on the link: https://www.egivingsystems.org/support/42705

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