Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crossing the Border

Last night we stayed in Tucson, AZ with our wonderful friends Bob and Dorothy Micher. We visited for a little while in the morning then after doing our last minute shopping and Starbucks fix, we got to the border at about 2pm. At the Aduana, we declared the items we had to declare and they said we had too low of prices for them. So, they added another three hundred dollars our total because we had no receipts for anything. We ended up paying $250 of the %15 tax plus what they charge now for doing the paperwork. I couldn't believe it! I was glad to get out of there and just prayed for green lights as we crossed. Both red light/green light crossings gave us green lights which we are so thankful for. I really didn't want to unload the trailer! Praise the Lord for the semi-easy crossing and thank you to those of you who have been praying!

We only got to Hermosillo tonight (we spent three hours at the border). So, we hope to make it to Mazatlan tomorrow. Pray for safe travel and smooth roads. I don't remember them being so turbulant! Blessings everyone!

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