Friday, June 06, 2008

Washington Highlights

We’re back in Cofradía after a very eventful three weeks in Washington.

Our trip started a day early in order to drop our truck off in Tepic, Nayarit and catch a 5am bus to Puerto Vallarta. The bus ride was long and the girls’ stomachs didn’t like it very well. We ended up getting to the airport earlier than the Alaska Airlines staff so we waited and had breakfast at a little café. The banana was $15 pesos ($1.50 US Dollars)!! WOW, we decided not to go there again.

The flight up was good and my parents met us at the airport after arriving an hour late at 8pm. We couldn’t believe that it was still light out at 9:30pm, we had to get used to that. Normally, we’re in bed by 8:30.

Our first few days were spent hanging out and enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are so many colors in Washington! On the 18th, I got to meet with the Keyport Bible Church team that is coming down to Cofradía later this month. They’re excited and so are we.

Dad had his birthday on Monday, the 19th and we went to the ocean at Long Beach together for a couple of nights. That was nice to hang out at the beach and the girls got to play in a sand box in a playground area at the hotel.

After one week of doing “nothing”, I started to feel guilty so I spent a full day at the computer getting things ready for the wedding, catching up on emails, etc. The next day, we went to Sequim to meet with someone and Trisha had her Bridal Shower that evening.

Then, the final week, was a very busy week. We started it out going camping on Memorial Day and spent one night in a tent. This was the first time our girls had been camping and it was really fun! We got to go down to the beach and see all the oysters, play on the play structure, get up close and friendly with squirrels, cook over a fire, and just enjoy one another’s company. It was really fun to have Mom and Dad, Dave, Sheri and Kenny, and Trisha and Joey all show up for s’mores.

The next day our friend, Fabian Gomez, took us flying to the San Juan Islands where we had dinner. It’s always nice to get tossed around like a leaf; Friday Harbor is very windy. We had a blast!

The last couple days leading up to the wedding were, as you can imagine, somewhat hectic. Trisha and Joey Sanchez were married on May 31 at Keyport Bible Church in Keyport, WA. This was the main reason why we went to Washington; Rebecka was a Flower Girl, Geña was the Matron of Honor, and I was the Officiant. They looked spectacular and everything turned out good.

We then shared a little at Christ Memorial Poulsbo in the morning services, went to Sheri’s for a barbecue in the afternoon and managed to make it back out to Bremerton for the evening service at Living Waters Fellowship to share about what’s going on in Cofradía.

What a fun time! It was definitely busy, but we did get to have a few “fun” days. Thanks Mom and Dad, Fabian, Luis, Joey and Trisha, and Dave and Sheri for making our time most enjoyable!


  1. Wonderful pictures and story to go along with them.
    Thanks and Blessings to you,

  2. Thanks Wilson. It's good to hear from you!