Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, we've had an interesting year with our electricity. I remember 10+ years ago the electricity problems we used to have. The power would go out and not return for many time at least 24 hours. The past few years have been pretty good with hardly ever having to use a generator. Now, these past three to four weeks or so, we're lucky to go three days without the power going out. Last night the power went out again around 8pm during our youth service. Praise the Lord that everything we had plugged in was on the only line that was working of the three that come in to town, so our service never got interrupted (this was an answer to prayer by the way--as I was walking up to the church from the house, I noticed the dark clouds which usually means rain and no electricity coming our way. I prayed that the Lord would not allow the electricity to go out and that's what happened!).

This afternoon we received power again around 4pm. Our house did not have power in either line that it's connected to. We will be looking for a generator when we go back to the states. Does anyone have one they need to get rid of?

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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