Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Church Roof Update

As you read this letter from Dave, please consider how you may help; the peso right now is over $13 pesos to a dollar. Once we finish the roof, we will be able to start holding services here.

It seemed best to order the new church roofing this year before the New Year. We are going with 1” blue polystyne insulation covered with multi-corregated aluminized sheeting. In addition to these products we will need to purchase a sealer for the insulation sheet joints and screws. However, only once we begin installation. I have already begun the purchase process because of deadlines in production and shipping for this year’s end. Simply by making the order this year we will be saving a little over $2,000usd. Plus the exchange rate is doing very well in which we again another $19,000pesos. Further with the acquisition of this product over the initial one piece design we save about $164.000pesos. These are significant numbers.

However, of the $210,000pesos we will be paying for product and delivery, we have $175,950pesos, a difference of $34,050pesos. Further, once we do the actual installation we will need a few addition, local products amounting to nearly $10,000pesos. So that leaves us short about $44,050pesos, or $3,349.00usd. I am very excited about this, that seems very little that we have left to raise; let’s call it $3,500usd.

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