Saturday, August 01, 2009

Summer Speed Soccer Tournament 2009

Opportunities! Opportunities abound in events like this within Alternative Missions Cofradía’s Student Ministry. This summer, the opportunities came with Intern Chuy Hernández organizing the tournament.

Chuy getting ready to hand out the trophies.

This was the first event the he put together after coming back from a Bible School in Oaxaca. He did a great job choosing team captains and giving opportunities for a couple of guys to experience leadership who haven’t yet. One of those, Carlos, does not come to church very often but in the past year has been coming around more and more. It’s notable in his face and eyes that when the Word of God is being shared, he is more than interested. Our prayer is that Carlos just doesn’t stay on shore getting his feet wet, but that he jumps into the River of Life fully committed to the Lord. He’s a great kid.

Carlos flying through the defense.

Another new captain this summer was Royer. He has been part of the youth group for a few years now and just last summer was touched by the Lord at camp. Chuy has been mentoring him as they read the Bible and hang out together. Royer did a great job helping lead his team to the Championship game!

Royer getting ready to score.

Gregorio has been part of the youth group for a number of years and has been a part of almost every event we’ve had. He has been a leader in the past in other events, but this was his first time as a Soccer captain. He did a great job.

Gregorio can handle the ball well.

The returning captains were two Student Leaders; Martin and Julio. Martin has stood out as a strong leader for many years in our youth group and has made a great impact in the lives of the youth in his home town Arrayanes. One of the reasons that the student ministry has grown is a result of his labor.

Martin getting ready to block a shot.

Finally, Julio has also been part of the youth group for a very long time and also stands out as a strong leader. He has been a great team leader in the past and this year, he, like Royer, led his team to the Championship game. In the end, Julio’s team won as they not only dominated the Championship game, but the whole tournament.

Julio has a strong foot!

The Champions "Deportivo Cerro".

It’s interesting to see the fruit that comes from events like this. You never know what will happen in the days or weeks to come. Students make relationships with newer students and those relationship lead to opportunities to share Christ’s love whether it’s through hanging out as a friend, listening to a message, praying for one another, or simply the way a student lives their life.

It is a blessing to be part of this ministry. Please consider how you may participate as well to become part of a winning team for Jesus.

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