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We are finally getting settled in here in Cofradía. Things are going well and we were so excited to see a number of new faces in the church as well as youth when we came back. It’s starting to get’s been down to 53 degrees already at night. The coldest I’ve seen it is 41 F.

Thank you so much for your prayers as we travelled. We did not have any mishaps except the need to change a tire on our utility trailer. I found a free one on the craigslist in Tucson, so we were able to get our spare back before crossing the border.

Crossing the border was very simple. We did not get charged for anything we had in the trailer or the truck and we got two green lights so we didn’t have to unload anything to show them what we had. What a blessing! Many times, they’ll ask you to unload everything! We made it back after 2900 miles of driving over 15 days. Depending on the roads, we drove 45 mph to 60 mph all the way down.

Are you going to be visiting in Mexico? If you have plans to come to either Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara, let us know. We are within 4 hours of all three of those cities with Mazatlán being the closest (3 hours). We’d love to show you around Cofradía so you can get a taste of this Mexican countryside!

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Marriage Conference with Doug and Jan Taylor—See pictures of some couples.
December Newsletter Hardcopy—This is a quarterly newsletter we send to those who do not have email.
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This month, would you please pray for...
  • Knee Injury Complete healing. Wisdom for the Doctors if surgery is needed. Financing.
  • Youth Volleyball and Speed Soccer Tournaments We’ll have our annual Christmas Tournaments right after Christmas. This is a great event that brings youth together and draws in students who normally don’t come to church.
Thank you very much for your prayers and continued support.
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