Friday, January 27, 2012

Silberman Christmas in Cofradía

What a joy it was to have my parents here for their first Christmas in Cofradía.  It was an unforgettable time filled with memory making moments.  One of the most memorable things that happened the impact that Santa Claus has on not just children, but adults as well.  Why?  Take a look...
It was comical as to how many people turned their heads and made comments (sometimes not knowing that I could understand).  He even had someone come up to him on Christmas Day asking him where their presents were....oops!   Everywhere we went, people thought, and kids believed he was Santa.  One little boy commented, "He really does exist!"  It was fun, and people had fun getting their pictures taken with him at the house, at Church, and even at the Mall in Tepic (even the fake Santa there got his picture with him).
More memorable moments were spent with Rebecka and Emma playing "Slap-Jack," "Spoons," putting puzzles together, coloring, and watching movies.

We ventured out on a couple of trips away from Cofradía to Puerta Platanares to see the coffee fields and learn a little of the process on how they're grown, picked, dried, and cleaned.  We also saw the pineapple fields as they are starting to flower.

Also, we went to Aguamilpa; which is a humongous lake in the mountains.  The attraction there is the damn that provides electricity to the whole state of Nayarit.

Many more memories were made, but along with bonfires on Christmas Eve and again on New Year's Eve accompanied with an Armadillo feast, these were just some highlights.

 Here are some more pictures of our time together...
the first night in Mazatlán with Roger and Hazel was a great way to start!

I'm beginning to wonder if....

Hugo and his family

Adopted son, Max. :)

Christmas morning.
Hugo took us out to his corn and been field.
Can't wait until next time they come.  It was a lot of fun!


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Wonderful pictures. Mr and Mrs Claus having a fun time in Mexico before the "big" Evening.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    enjoyed the pictures and report of your folks being there with you. Your girls are sure getting big...and beautiful. Bet they are excited about the new baby. Congrats.
    Bev & Tom

    1. Thank you, Bev and Tom! Yes, we had a great time with my parents here and they're excited as well for the new baby. Our girls are so much fun and yes, they're growing too fast. We're trying to cherish the time. Blessings to you guys! Great to hear from you!
      Steve & Geña