Friday, April 06, 2012

Student Ministry Awards Night

Since 2006, our student ministry has had an awards night inspired by and with the help of the student ministry at Cy-Fair Christian Church from Houston, Texas.  This is a great evening where we can honor students who have stood out as potential leaders, encouragers, servants, and a willingness to grow.  Unfortunately, this year the Short-Term Mission team was unable to come.  However, our student ministry leaders continued with the tradition of holding the awards night as they worked very hard to raise the money needed in order to accomplish the task.  In the end, it was a successful event that once again brought the students together.  Each year has a theme, this year it was "Professionals."

There are four awards we give out:
1.  NUEVA GENERACION (New Generation) - "New Generation" refers to students who are in their first year of Secondary School (7th grade).  The student awarded this is someone who has shown an ability to lead.
2.  ENTUSIASMO (Spirit) - This is awarded to the student that has portrayed enthusiasm in anything he does, participates in activities, and encourages others to participate as well.
3.  SERVIR (Servant) - This is awarded to the student who has shown leadership qualities by serving others before themselves; seeing a need and fulfilling it.
4.  CORAZON VALIENTE (Brave Heart) - This is awarded to the student who has shown extreme spiritual growth as they take on challenges they wouldn't normally attempt.

Here is a video of the past few years.  The commentary is in Spanish, but it should speak for itself.

This year's winners were:

Cecilio Rodriguez for SPIRIT AWARD
Guillermo Orozco for SERVANT AWARD

Jesús Orozco for BRAVE HEART AWARD
This is the full presentation including all the nominees as it was presented in Power Point:

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