Monday, June 30, 2014

Church Elder's Retreat

Tino, Abraham, Pastor Goyo, Pastor Martin, Poncho, Hugo, Pastor Luis
Centro Cristiano Cofradia had it's first Elder's Retreat just recently.  Not all were able to attend, but those who did were blessed and refreshed as it was something new for most.  Pastor Goyo's desire was to give a concrete foundation for the men to work on and talk about some things he expects of them.  He broke his teachings down into three different sections:  1) Our relationship with God, 2) Understanding and Embracing the Church's vision, and 3) Being Faithful.  There were other aspects to the retreat that helped solidify the foundation such as interpersonal relationship activities and expressing needs they see and how they can do things better.  The retreat was concluded with a meal and free time at the beach!

First meeting at the ruins of an 18th Century church.
Amidst the ruins of an old 18th century church on a high hill overlooking San Blas, Nayarit, was the setting for Pastor Goyo's first teaching.  As the surroundings gave a fitting atmosphere, he talked about when Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem and found the walls of the city in ruins and applied it to the lives of the Elders as a way to examine themselves and have opportunity for repentance if there were any issues that needed to be dealt with before moving on with the retreat.  He also made mention that a purpose as an Elder is to make sure that not only one's life is not it ruins, but the church as well.

After eating lunch in a downtown restaurant, everyone returned to the hotel.  Pastor Goyo continued with the next couple of teachings inside our room/apartment that was conditioned for such a purpose with a living room, dining room, a kitchenette, and AC!  His focus was for the Elders to understand the purpose for the church, where it's going, and making that specific vision their very own.  Being Faithful is also a vital character as an Elder as he needs to be faithful to God, his wife, family, and dependable to the Pastor and church.

Pastor Goyo did an excellent job of communicating these three essential points.  The activities helped strengthen individual relationships as well as being a team.

Here are a few photos of the retreat…
Pastor Luis made dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning!
Team building game.

Relaxing in the water.

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