Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meeting Palapa in Mojocuautla

Mojocuautla is one of the Cora Indian villages that our ministry visits each Thursday to share God's love with the people and encourage them to seek Him.  This year, we built a meeting palapa for the community to use with the help of His Place Church from Washington.

Cirilo (local), Pastor Horacio, Gustavo
Each week a team from Centro Cristiano Cofradia goes up into the hills and visits people in their homes.  Once a month, they all meet together in this palapa to sing, listen to the Word of God, and hear testimonies of His love.  The locals are wanting to put a cyclone fence around it because when it rains, it turns into a messy donkey stable.  Pastor Horacio has been involved in reaching out and ministering to this village for many years.  He has been working with one of the locals (pictured above) encouraging him to take steps forward in Spiritual Leadership for the town.

Thank you for your continued prayers for this ministry and the people of Mojocuautla.

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Blessings to all!!

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