Monday, September 21, 2015



This week we had the pleasure of hosting a group of young people from Las Varas, Nayarit, nearly three hours from Cofradía.  In March, we went to their church to do a mini-RETO with them and they were anxious to be part of the original EL RETO.

With well over 100 students in attendance, the activities began right away due to a full agenda.  The first activity was "Jala la Dona" (Pull the Doughnut).  Six people, one member from each team, pulled on an inner tube as they tried to reach their team's flag outside the hexagon.  This game proved to be a lot of fun as they all battled it out on a big piece of plastic covered with soap and water.  Thank you to Pastor Joe Franco from 3G Student Ministries in Gresham, Oregon for this idea!

The next two events have become RETO classics as the students look forward to both of them each year.  The first one was Water Balloon Gladiators.  Each team had a chance to throw water balloons at the other teams running through an obstacle course that finished at the soccer goal.

The final event was our famous Fear Factor Banquet!  Our disclaimer is that they DO NOT have to eat any of it.  However, if they want points for their team, it needs to go down and they have to show a clean mouth.  This year chicken liver was introduced and also featured a couple of repeats form years past with green peppers and live gold fish!

After the events, we had a quick Refuge time with some worship and a message from Pastor Luis about how to find your identity in Christ.  Life is challenging and we are learning how to deal with those challenges through this creative outreach!

Here is a recap video of week two:

You can be part of this great event by making a special donation to EL RETO online here.  Your gifts provide the resources, preparation, promotion, transportation, prizes, and the opportunity for the young people to come to this event.  NOT ONE of the students is charged any kind of admission fee because we want them to come.  We thank you in advance for participating with us!

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