Friday, February 12, 2016

Pastors' Perspectives

Here are the reports from the local pastors in Cofradia.  They receive very little for what they do and any donation you can make to them is appreciated.  You can click on their name to safely donate online.

Lead Pastor

As 2015 came to a close, we were able to reflect on all of the things that were accomplished during the year, and with satisfaction we saw that it was a year of great blessing for the church. For example:
  • The bible college that is providing us with brothers and sisters who are equipped to do the tasks that GOD entrusts to each one.
  • The Freedom in Christ conference we hosted in December that was good preparation for those who attended that will help others learn to live free in Christ.

And we know that all this isn’t just a blessing for the church but also for the town in general—that is, for those who will enter the church in the future.

In the area of worship, Hugo’s efforts as Worship Minister really stand out; we are extremely grateful to God for the work He is doing through him. During 2015 he was in charge of leading us in worshiping God on many Sundays, and I am certain that he will continue growing in this area. 

Each one of the Cofradía Christian Center leaders has incomparable potential. For all of this and more we are grateful to all of you for your support in prayer and intercession as well as in finances. I tell you that what you are doing out of love for GOD is not in vain. It is translating into lives transformed for the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are all a part of that!!

Our passion is to continue reproducing what God has done in Cofradía, in communities both near and far, and to continue living out the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18‐20. We thank you in advance for your continued and future support. Please be praying for this year’s theme: “Free to Live, Worship, Preach, and Pray.” And as always, we are so grateful for your passion and dedication to God.

Blessings to you all.
Yours Sincerely,
Pastor Gregorio Hernández, Mati, and Family

Youth Ministries and Maintenance

Greetings, and may God bless your lives through Jesus Christ, His beloved Son!

In recently days we have been enjoying God’s blessing in new ways as we have continued to know Him better each day, both in His personality as much as in His fullness. He is manifesting Himself in our lives, our ministry, and our church.

THE CHALLENGE (EL RETO), the event for which we asked for your prayers earlier this year, was excellent and provided many opportunities throughout all the activities to talk about all the aspects related to Identity. Over the course of the event, we taught the youth about who Christ is and about His forgiveness. That great truth was planted in their hearts, and God will make His Word prosper in them. We also enjoyed the participation of other church youth groups, one of which continues to bring their youth to our weekly meetings to work together as partners in ministry, which is part of our vision for the youth.

The youth leaders and I are still passionate about pursuing the youth and gathering them together each Saturday and grow deeper roots together in the love of God.

As a family we are still adjusting to the absence of our daughter, who moved to Tepic for college. We believe it is God’s will for her and we receive that; the rest of us keep pressing on and we enjoy having her home when she returns each weekend. We ask for your prayers for:
  • Carolina and her studies and for our adjustment to her absence.
  • Unity for us as a family.
  • The new members and attenders to our youth group.
  • Growth in the youth who are already established in the group.

May God richly bless your lives and those of your families. Thank you for your generosity to us.

Blessings to you all,
Pastor Luis

Indigenous Ministries and Arrayanes

Hello, brothers and sisters. As always, it is a pleasure to greet you once again. I hope that you are all well. I assure you we are all well, though I tell you that because my wife, María, was ill for a month with a digestive ailment, which was complicated by her diabetes and therefore necessitated two or three rounds of treatment.Though she lost quite a bit of weight in the process, she is finally recovering well.

In ministry we are still confident in and grateful to God for all things. We continue ministering in the Cora community of Mojocuautla. We are organizing the distribution of the Operation Christmas Child boxes, praying that many children will receive the love of Christ through that event.

Your support is a precious blessing that allows us to resolve several needs that have beset us. In addition, through it God has allowed us to go to a distant mountain community of Cora called “El Cangrejo.”

Thank you!

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