Friday, April 14, 2017

Rosamorada Outreach

Pastor Amado and his congregation, Casa de Oración la Hermosa, put together a three-day open-air outreach in the plaza of their town, Rosamorada.  Throughout the three days, many people were touched by the Lord.  On the final evening, one lady gave a testimony about how she had been loosing her sense of smell and hearing.  As she was dancing at the altar after the service during ministry time, she said she heard a "pop" in her head and all of the sudden could smell "un rico carne asada" (grilled beaf at a nearby taco stand) and she could hear just fine.  Praise the Lord!

A pastor from Chiapas spoke the first two nights and the final night a lady from Rosamorada who now lives in Las Vegas shared a very appropriate testimony of how God took her out of living on the streets and drug addictions.  The people of Rosamorada remember her from her previous lifestyle, but now she is excited to be able to share with everyone what God has done in her life and what He can do in others...especially in Rosamorada.

It was also great to see a number of different evangelical churches gathered together in unity at one public event.

Here are some pictures that Lain was able to take:

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