Thursday, November 30, 2023


Week two started right away with some bible trivia giving the staff opportunity to get to their locations for the activities. Once the teams answered three questions, they received instructions on how to open a box with a combination padlock attached. Inside the box were instructions to the beginning of EL RETO RACE.

Each team had to make their way to Cofradia's man-made lake following the signs along the way. Mixed in the signs were different signs of the end times written on signs...confused yet?

On their way to the lake, the first stop was for two of their participants to swim out on boogie boards and retrieve two balloons with clues to their next stop.

As they arrived at the first race-pausing destination. The teams all gathered for a couple of relay races...

Upon finishing the two games, each team had to RETURN to the church where they would write out the signs of the end times they saw along the way.

After all the activities, each week we have "El Refugio" (The Refuge) where all the teams get to hang out in our youth room and we have Worship and a Word.
Then, it's off to the voting room to vote for another team to have to do chores...
After reading the votes, everyone is dismissed.

This week involved many different ways of teaching each of us the Love of God. Through our journey of life...not everything is easy, sometimes it feels like you're crawling through mud, we were exposed the "signs of the end times" along the journey, and we learned how to work as a team as each of us have an individual part to play within the body of Christ. 

Blessed time! If you would like to partner with us, please follow the instructions here and indicate that it is for EL RETO. Thank you!

See the report on EL RETO WEEK ONE

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