Monday, September 26, 2005

Half Day of Prayer



Julio, Riky, Gollito, Sandra, Mili, Ruben, Efigenia, Esteban

Saturday Geña and I took our discipleship class to the beach for a half day of prayer. A couple of the youth found it challenging to pray for a long period of time. However, for most of the youth, it was a great experience that they won’t forget and would like to do again. The book we are using gives somewhat of an outline for what to pray for and how to spend your time. They found that really helpful and in our debriefing time, they mentioned how they recognized God’s presence in their lives by studying Psalm 139. We all had a really good time. The tide was pretty high so there wasn’t much beach to pray on, but that didn’t matter. As one of the youth said, “it was neat to pray at the beach with the beauty of the ocean and all, that made it fun. However, I think I realized that I can do this without having to come to the beach, I should be able to do this anywhere, the place doesn’t matter.” That was really encouraging because she realizes that it’s important to pray now. I think that this was an eye-opener for some of our youth and I believe that it will be something that will encourage them in their walk with God. After debriefing over lunch, we went on a Jungle Tour at a place called “La Tovara”. That’s where we take jus about every American Short-Term Missions team that comes down for their mid-week break. This time, it rained on us pretty good, but the youth didn’t care. We had the swimming hole all to ourselves. There was one other family there, but they only swam for a couple of minutes. No alligators this time either J. Continue to keep us in your prayers. The youth need prayer for continued growth in their walk with God, and I would like prayer for continued growth as a leader.

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