Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby with Jesus

(Written Aug. 21)
Early Sunday morning, 1 1/2 month old, Moises Del Rio went to be with Jesus. Moises' parents are Manuel and Marina and they are good friends from the church body here in Cofradia. Baby Moises had an infection of some kind and died a few hours after the doctor's gave him some medicine. It seems that the family is blaming the doctors for the death. Please pray for Manuel and Marina for strength to make it through this tough, tough time.

UPDATE (9/13): Just wanted to let everyone know that Manuel and Marina are doing a lot better. They have been coming to church more regularly. Thank you all for your prayers.

And...greetings to you too, Doug. Thanks for your comment, those were very kind words. Honduras was such a fun, yet sobering experience and I'm glad I got to spend that time with you and our team. Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Greetings, hermano en Christo.

    I can't help but remember you when I read this note. And I thank God that He has put you in this work.

    I am reminded of the day in Southern Honduras when Steve helped our medical mission work, in the days after Hurricane Mitch, 1998. Steve was serving as an interpreter, for a team of five in our work with World Vision. On this day, we were working in a health center in a small village, when a young mother brought her week-old baby in to see the doctors. I was the doctor who unwrapped the baby's blanket to see an infected leg, surely a mortal condition. We began treatment, but the baby's aunt brought her back to us an hour or two later, having passed away.

    I am reminded of the compassion that Steve showed this family.

    Thanks be to God for His work through the hands of you and your family. May God continue to bless you and your work.

    A. Douglas Felts, MD, FAAFP