Friday, November 24, 2006

Emma's Progress

Thank you for your continued prayers. Emma continues with her little battle. She had a mild fever last night, but was able to sleep most of the night. Today she has had times of being alert and looking like she's getting a lot better, yet she's also had time like just about an hour ago that she looks miserable inside. We believe that it's nothing real serious, just a cold and cough that has hit her pretty hard.

Rebecka is still doing a lot better. She's pretty much over whatever she had last week.

As for myself, I've had a sore throat for a couple of days and we're coming up on a very busy weekend. I lead a Bible study tonight, tomorrow morning we have worship practice, in the afternoon we have drama practice, in the evening we have a youth event that I'll be leading worship at, but not preaching (thank you Jesus!). Then, on Sunday I'll be leading worship in both services. So, I should be pretty warn out for our trip on Monday morning. Please keep my health in prayer as well as Gena. She hasn't had any signs of being sick, pray that it stays that way.

Thank you once again for your prayers.

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