Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Weekend in La Cruz

We left Friday as soon as the students were let out of school and arrived in La Cruz at CRUZ AGUA (water park) in time to set up tents and get ready for the evening service. On Saturday the youth were able to play in the pool and they had a time of organized games. It was a really good time. Amber Crafton, a missionary who has just joined our staff, went with us and wrote this about the weekend...

"Friday night the speaker taught on authority and submission and the importance of submitting ourselves to the authority of anointed leaders that are over us and making sure that we are living under the covering that the Lord has provided for us both in Himself but also in the leaders he has put over us. Saturday night he spoke about the hunger that we as humans have and the importance of making sure that we satisfy our hunger in the Lord rather than in the world because to satisfy our hunger with what the world offers is to throw the inheritance that the Lord offers us in Him right into the trash, and to live a life that never finds satisfaction! The weekend ended with a time of prayer both for the pastors that were present but also for the youth that they would choose the inheritance the Lord has for them and choose to submit themselves to the authority over them so as to walk in all the promises that God has for them."

It was a great time!!

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