Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Youth Speed Soccer Tournament

Well, the soccer tournament is over and with all the activities of this past weekend; I haven’t had a chance to give you an update.

5 Teams with 5 guys on each team played against each other for 5 days. Our first organized sports tournament was a great success in bringing the two towns of Cofradía and Arrayanes together and opening doors for ministry. Each team had members from both towns and many of them made new friends and strengthened old acquaintances. It was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of.

We started on Tuesday, the day after Christmas and each team played two games a day. Out of the 5 teams, three played on Saturday for the Championship. There was one semi-final game (#2 vs. #3) and the winner played the #1 team in the Championship game. It was exciting! The semi-final game was decided by one goal, while the Championship game went into overtime and was decided by the first goal to be made. The #1 team stayed on top as they were in the whole tournament and won the Championship game.

After the Championship game, we had barbecued hot dogs and went inside the church for the service. One of the students has started a Rap Music band called “Fishers of Men.” They started the service with a couple of songs and they did pretty good. We then had a time of worship and we talked about being part of the “winning team”--God’s team. Many students came forward for prayer, either to receive Christ into their hearts for the first time, to renew their commitments to Him, or for a refreshing of the Spirit of God in their life. In the end we handed out the awards; certificates for the three best goalies and the three best scorers, we gave a brand new soccer ball to the one who scored the most, and we gave out trophies to each member of the winning team. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and not only were the students able to have fun and make new friends, but there were young people involved that the leaders got to meet who had never been to church before. This has created an open door for further witnessing! Great stuff!
Semi-Final Game (Los Cuau[green] vs. Arsenal[white])

Championship Game (Warriors[black] vs. Arsenal [White])
Ricardo Hernandez scored 26 goals and was awarded a new soccer ball
Los Guerreros (the Warriors) are the Champions! (Martin, Jesus, Fredy, Jose, Salvador[not pictured])

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