Monday, March 05, 2007

High School

I went to a town meeting last week at the Junior High that was to be about a new High School they want to put here in Cofradia. High School here in Mexico is a prep school and it's our equivilant to grades 10-12. They will start this August with 10th grade, then the next year they will continue on to graduate as the "first generation." No buildings, they will use the Junior High until the government supplies enough for a building. However, they are talking about a dormitory for the students that would come from different towns to stay in. There are 9 towns close to Cofradia here that would be included as the Cofradia High School.

This is really exciting to me because many students here don't have the opportunity to continue their education because of their lack of resources. With the High School here in town, they will be saving lots of money in travel expenses. Inscription for the whole year will cost a wopping $14!! Books will cost $40. That's way less than half of what they're paying in other towns. This is a huge blessing for the town.

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