Wednesday, March 21, 2007

STM Update

Last week we had Cy-Fair Christian Church here to work specifically with our youth and they did a great job! There were 16 youth and 6 adults. In the mornings, they worked on the new church building FINISHING the sanctuary floor/basketball court.

On Sunday evening there were "get-to-know-you" games and we split them up into four different groups; americans and mexicans mixed. That was there group for the whole week so the next night, Monday, we did team building games which included a popular life-size Sudoku game drawn out on the speed soccer court in Arrayanes. Each team had to work together to finish the puzzle and their finish time would determine what time they would start their "Race" the next day. It was popular because many of the students were frustrated because they couldn't figure out the puzzle or couldn't figure out how to work as a team. The two teams that finished quickly worked together as a team. It was definately a challenge becuase it's more of an individual game, but they figured out how to work together. This was a huge growing experience for the americans. It was all new to the mexicans.

The next night, they had a race; much like the Amazing Race. Their goal was to make tortillas together as a team. Each team was divided into four groups at one point and they had to communicate amongst themselves to figure out what the half-spanish/half-english notes said. It was a lot of fun to watch and many of them said they really enjoyed it. This point was to continue to work as a team, brake the language barriers of communication and have first hand experience at what a body looks like as it functions. As they divided themselves up into four groups, they had to decide amongst themselves who would get water, who would get the firewood, who would get the gridle, and who would get the flour. Once each group finished their task, they were to take their item to the pastor's house where they were to make tortillas together. It was interesting. It was funny. It was a very good learning experience.

We as a body need to work together in unity. When the body of Christ is not unified, it's deformed, it's not working properly. This was very evident throughout the week and both americans and mexicans said they learned that it's important to be unified and work together as a team. All the teams finished by eating the tortillas they had made in a relay race.

Wednesday was a free hang-out day where the girls made some picture frames and the guys had a mini-speed soccer tournament. Then the final night, the big night, Thursday night was "Oscar Night." We handed out awards to the students who shined this last year. It was definatley hard to choose who would get what, but as a staff we came up with who we though was most deserving in Hospitality, Most-Improved Band Member, Spirit, Braveheart, and Servant.
The Most-Improved Band Member went to two students because of their improvement in the band. They have grown a lot in the past year.

Jose Luis

Jose Angel
The Spirit Award went Claudia for having a smile on her face all the time. She never complains and is always committed to what's going on.

The Braveheart Award went to Sandra becuase she has taken the biggest steps in her Christian walk this past year. Mostly, these past couple of months she has been willing to do whatever for God and is allowing Him to mold her.

The Servant Award went to Martin becuase of his great leadership. Last year at this time he was in Oaxaca at a Bible School and he came back CHANGED. He has shown so much growth in his leadership ability and it seems that whatever Martin sets out to do, he succeeds. He has definately become an extraordinary preacher as well.

The Cy-Fair youth have impacted our youth in a big way. The relationships they have developed are relationships that I know the students will never forget and they cannot wait until they come back again next year.

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