Wednesday, September 12, 2007

EL RETO FULL REPORT OF WEEK #2 (scroll down to see week #1's report)

SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 (Santa Fe Town Center)

We packed up the vehicles and headed out to Santa Fe to start week #2. Teams receive points for bringing new students, wearing a shirt of the color of their team, good attitudes, the place they sit at in church, and a coin collection. The coin collection is a “Change War”. Each piece of change has a value to it; from 5 cents to 10 pesos. As we gathered the teams together and finished role call, I gave each team leader a short bible study to share with their team at the beginning.

After about 15-20 minutes, we started the race once again with a record breaking 51 students! Each team was given a clue one minute apart in the order in which they finished the previous week. They were to go to a house of a lady who goes to our church and would have a balloon of each of the colors of the teams with a note in it. After running across town, the note directed them to the baseball field on the other side of town (this was to let me get to the baseball field to manage the first activity).

The first activity which was the second stop was to make an American Football Field Goal. No team member could repeat a try until all of them had tried. They started at 30 yards, and then went to 20 yards after five tries, then to 10 yards after another 5 tries.

If they made a field goal, they got their next clue and were off to Las Pilas (a town about 3 miles west of Cofradía).

Arriving in Las Pilas they had to find their next clue in a fountain at the park.

The clue told them to find another new player from Las Pilas and buy them something from the store.

As soon as they were able to get their new member to eat some chips or drink a coke, they got their next clue which led them to the nearby lake.

At the lake, they were to send one team member into the water to get a floating balloon (tied to a string with a rock at the bottom of the lake) which would have the instructions to their next activity.

One by one as a team they would run down to the edge of the lake, fill up a two liter plastic cup, run back to put the water in a bucket, then pass the cup to the next team member.

Once the team filled the bucket, they got their next clue sending them to the basketball court.

At the basketball court, two members were to carry another across the court where another member would fill their mouth with coke. They needed to carry them back and while another member held up a glass coke bottle, the one being carried had to pass as much coke as they could in the bottle. The team that filled up the bottle the most was immune of having to do chores the next day. Check out the video...
The Final Challenge of the day was a Q & A time. The first four teams to get four answers right did not have to do chores. All of the questions had to do with the sermon on Sunday. Los Victoriosos and La Visión had to do chores this week which was to machete and clean the church grounds in Arrayanes.

Staff person, Rebecka, is helping the purple team :)

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  1. Thanks for posting these RETO reports, Steve. I hear about it all when I call the girls, but it's great to see the pictures and the videos (when you have them). I can't wait to actually get to help out for the whole thing next September!

    I'm definitely praying for you guys!