Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Beach

Yesterday, we went out to the beach with Geña’s brother’s family and her mom. It was a very nice day, but the “no-see’-em” bugs ate me up! I counted over 30 bites on each arm from my elbow down.

We had a really good time with the family. We go there at lunchtime and ordered fish while Rebecka and Luis played at the water’s edge. Emma stayed close by in the shade, playing in the nice soft, cool sand. The restaurant we parked at rented boogie boards for just over $2 an hour, so we rented three and went out to catch some waves. Rebecka even caught a few of the waves as they were trickling up to the shore. After a while, Hugo and I tried out the two poles my dad gave me back in January. They worked just fine, but the bait didn’t. We saw a couple fish jump as we were wading about waist high, but they didn’t like what we had to offer them.

What a great time! It was a nice way to get out and relax a bit.

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