Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Last month, we asked you to pray for…
* Student Leadership Retreat. Thank you for your prayers! What a great time! One of our missionaries who helps with our youth has written a very good detailed report and you can see it here: Also, the report that I put together is here:
* Jesús Hernández and Martín Garzón Thank you for your prayers and support. Martin will not be able to go back to the school because the second year is still not available. However, Jesús is packing his bags and will be leaving the last week of August for Oaxaca to Bible School. Please continue to pray and consider how you can help:
* Missionary José Luís Gonzalez our very own missionary in YWAM Mazatlán has been on the field for just over a month. He has been very busy along with other staff with team after team this summer already. He is enjoying it very much. Please pray for him for strength as he is “alone” on the field and also his finances. You can read more about him here: Thank you for your prayers!
* His Place They did a great job doing a number of different jobs, especially welding together a beam and lifting it up 30 feet in the air to set in on the pillars.
* Keyport Bible Church This group painted the beam His Place set and welded together all of the rafters for the roof. Each one spans around 70 feet!
* Highland Covenant is here as I type this. They have been painting the rafters and will have a soccer tournament this afternoon.
* Personal Support. Thank you for continuing to pray for our finances.

Also, Rebecka graduated from Kindergarten on July 4. She did a great job at the local school and we continue to do homeschool in English.

Thank you so much for your prayers. This month, would you please pray for…
* New Generation Day Camp This is a Day Camp that our student leaders put on for the new arriving 7th graders into the youth group. They will have games, food, testimonies, and a Word as they travel to the park in Tepic. (July 11)
* Abundant LIFE Youth Night I have asked our intern Luis to take charge for July and August at our youth night. Pray that God will do some great things! (Every Saturday night; 5pm CST)
* Speed Soccer Tournament Four days of speed soccer to bring towns together, new students in to the youth group, and an opportunity for the team captains to set an example of leadership. (July 15-18)
* Open Air Evangelism in Santa Fe We will be taking our youth group and anyone in the church who is willing to Santa Fe for an open air evangelism with testimonies, the Word, drama, Worship, and games. (July 23)
* Youth Camp We return to La Cruz, Sinaloa (about one hour north of Mazatlán) for summer camp this year. A number of students have signed up. If you would like to help sponsor with the renting of a bus, let me know by email so I can get you the information you need. (July 29-August 2)

Thanks again for your prayers.

Steve, Geña, Rebecka, and Emma Silberman

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