Monday, July 14, 2008


On Friday, our Student Leadership Team took the New Generation students on a Day Camp to the park. They played games together, ate together, and had a devotion time as Martin shared from the Word. What excites me the most is that our Leaders have caught the vision to reach out to new students, seeing the need to welcome them and make sure that they know that they are important. Coming into the youth group as a new 7th grader can be a scary thing. Our leaders know that and prepared a fun day to invite the new students to be part of the youth group. Here are the five new students and some pictures of their time at the park...

Andrés Díaz
Alfredo Garzón
Diana Garzón
Guillermo Orozco
Isaiah TenBrink
The Student Leaders begin praying together.
Banana-eating contest--blind-folded; using one hand to eat while holding the hand of someone else.
The Name Game--when you hear your name called, you better say someone else's name or you'll get hit!
Spinning relay race--they had to spin around 6 times, then run back to their team with a glass of water, don't spill!
The Human Knot
Devotion time with Martin
Playing on the four-way teeter-totter before we got in the van to come back to Cofradia.
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