Thursday, October 30, 2008

Responsibility and Service

A few days ago as I was walking to a little store to buy some eggs for breakfast, I was asking myself how much I really depend on the Holy Spirit to speak into people’s lives as I share Truth with them. Do I really trust that the Holy Spirit is going to speak to them or do I need to say what I need to say a number of different ways as I try to get my point across thinking that they won’t understand it unless I say it “like this”? I know for me, the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart, counseling me, comforting me, reminding me of what the Scriptures say.

I had a message on my heart for a while; it was a simple statement that I read in a devotional by Neil Anderson. I wanted to share it so bad with our student leaders because I knew it would speak to their lives and challenge them to be greater leaders. I decided to wait until we had our next meeting. We took them up to the top of a BIG hill close to where we live called “Peñas.” You can see for miles and miles from the top of that gigantic rock. It takes about one half hour to drive up there. We saw a number of the towns in this area; Cofradía, Ruiz, and Las Pilas to name a few.

As we took time right before the sunset to share a little, I pulled out my notebook and told them what the Lord had been speaking to me personally about; letting him do the “convicting.” I told them that God spoke to me through this statement and I know he will speak to each of us. As soon as I said it, two of the four said, “Yes, I can relate to that!” It spoke to their hearts and challenged them to take another step in the walk of Leadership.

Before I type the statement, think about what kind of leadership responsibilities you have in your ministry, job, church, your family, or any other area. This statement challenges us in the areas of responsibility and service. Isn’t that what a true leader is? A servant?

“There are two types of people who will never reach their potential in Christ; those who cannot do what they are told to do and those who will not do anything unless they are told.”

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