Thursday, November 06, 2008

Living Beyond the Possible

Living Beyond the Possible by Wayne Myers

This is a great book! It challenges us in our complete faith in God and how we manage our finances. I was given this book a couple years ago and was just now able to sit down and read it. It's an easy read with lots of great stories of how God's economy works. A great message for today with the way things are going in the world; a great challenge to depend on God. The subtitle reads, "Trusting God with your finances and your future."
Wayne Myers was raised in Mississippi and joined the navy where he met the Lord. After that, he dedicated his whole life...whole life to God. He and his wife Martha were missionaries for many years in Mexico and helped plant many churches throughout the world. He did a number of conferences on how to trust God with your finances.
This book is filled with nuggets that make you stop and think about where we put our trust. One comment he makes that I really like is, "Give according to your income, lest God reduces your income according to your giving." What a statement!
Are you nervous about the stock market? Are you worried about the global financial crisis? This book is for you! has a few available.

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  1. this looks like a good read...can i borrow this one too??