Thursday, November 20, 2008

Revolution Day Parade

Today is Revolution Day here in Mexico. Every November 20 is the day that it is commemorated. Each year the town has a parade featuring all the students from all the schools in Cofradia; from Kindergarten to High School. In addition to the students, some of the men of the town trail behind either walking or riding their horses. This year there were a lot of people in the parade and lots of colors. Here are some pics.
At the very beginning, everyone gets together at the center of town to salute the flag and listen to a quick history lesson of the Revolution.
These are the student who led the pack for the High School group. Karla is on the far right, she comes to youth group from time to time.
The High Schoolers made a pyramid; Ruben has the red hat, Mili is on the right in the third row (she's the one that lives with us), and Laura is on the top. They are all part of the youth group.
The Jr. Highers
Elementary School
Kindergarten--Rebecka's cousin, Luis, is the Sergeant on the left in the front.
The rest of the Kindergarteners rode on a trailer dressed up in culture.
Right before the parade finished, Hugo (Gena's brother) set up his trampoline and Rebecka and Emma were the frist one's on.

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