Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Church Construction

A crane arrived on Monday to help hoist up the rafters of the new church. This is really, really exciting for us and a big, expensive job. The money came in, Dave reserved a crane, and the rafters are being welded up as I write. Here are some pictures of the first day and early this morning when they started...

Martin guiding one side

While Dave is setting and welding the other side.

They are over 35 feet in the air, sometimes standing on the very top of the scaffolding.
A number of guys came to help. Dave made some braces so the rafter wouldn't buckle.
The first day they put three up. The second day, they put four up. There are four left so they will probably finish today. This is a shot of the crane being connected to the first rafter of the day.
The crane maneuvering it up.
The guys guiding it from the ground.
This is pretty exciting for us. Please pray for safety as they continue today. It's not the safest job we've had to do.


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