Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please Pray Today

This afternoon I will be conducting a Birthday party for a 15 year old. This is a traditional cultural thing where they celebrate a girl turning into a Senorita. The family used to come to church and is now involved in what I believe to be demonic activity. The young girl was part of the youth group and worship band at one time and by talking with her I see that she feels "trapped" with what her parents are doing. We see this as an opportunity to bring the Word of God into their home, they have asked me to officiate. I would ask that you please pray for me this afternoon at 2pm MST while I bring the Word of God to this family. I will be talking about the transition of a girl becoming a lady and how it relates to the Isrealites crossing the Jordan River into a "new land"; I will wrap it up talking about how we in Christ are New Creations; the old has gone; the new has come AND because of America's (the girl) profession of faith, I will be affirming to her who she is in Christ. Thank you for your prayers and agree with me that there will be Angels from heaven surrounding this event. Jesus is LORD!

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