Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick News

The Cy-Fair Houston youth group has been here since Saturday and they are doing a great job in the construction and building relationships with our youth.  We had a mini-RETO on Saturday, an Awards Banquet on Sunday, and it's been construction in the mornings and relationship building events in the afternoons.  It's really nice to see a team come down and interact so well with the locals.  It speaks volumes to the people here.

I finally got hooked up to the internet with the Mac.  I just need to transfer a few more things and I'll be able to hand the PC to Gena.  She will be getting her own email soon, so we'll keep you posted about that.

Please continue to pray for our trip to Oaxaca.  We're all getting more and more excited.  We still need nearly $1000 usdollars to reach our outreach goal.  Thank you.

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