Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Answers to Jehova's Witness Friends

"Respuestas a Nuestros Amigos Testigos de Jehová" by Thomas F. Heinze

The english title would be..."Answers to Our Jehova's Witness Friends."  This was a very good book!  I haven't found it in English, but I imagine that it is.  Each of the twelve chapters bring light to doctrinal issues that do not coincide with what the Bible says.  Many things in the religion are taken out of context to share a "truth" that really isn't Truth.

My heart breaks for the people who are being deceived in this religion and my prayer is that their hearts and eyes will be opened to the Truth.

This is a great informative book to help those who have limited knowledge of what the Jehova's Witnesses believe.  I recommend it to anyone who knows Jehova's Witness believers; has them coming to their doorstep...invite them in, share this book with them; and I also recommend it to Jehova's Witnesses.

There is also a "sister" book to this one about the Mormon religion by the same author at

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