Saturday, September 05, 2009

Eastern Washington Camping

We took off again; this time to Eastern Washington and we had a really good time. The first night we stayed at Diablo Lake which is on the North Cascades Highway and a beautiful place. We tried fishing and Geña got a couple nibbles, but that's all. We had a nice campfire, but it was cold!

The next day we headed towards Winthrop, and stayed at Pearrygen Lake State Park. As a kid, we used to stay there all the time and had lots of fun on the kids' toys and swimming out to the dock. Well, since the state bought the resort, they took all of that out. We ended up staying at the East Campground right on the water so that was nice. The girls got to go swimming in the cold water and we also did some fishing. We caught three the first day (Emma caught her first fish) and we caught 12 the next day (Rebecka and Emma both caught their first fish!). We also got to ride our bikes. A friend gave me a bike he was going to sell and I found a child seat on craigslist for $5; it works excellent.

We all had a great time...except for Pony--he was really cold and spent a lot of time in the tent.
Diablo Lake--fishing
Diablo Lake--Colonial Creek Campground Campsite
Bike riding
Diablo Lake--breakfast (Rebecka made pancakes)
Pearrygen Lake--fishing
Pearrygen Lake--East Campground Campsite

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